Tokyo Days 54 - My Wonder Festival Summer 2016: Part 4

The final segment of my Wonder Festival coverage takes a look at all the smaller booths with equally interesting finds.

Starting with this huge poster announcing that it will be Sonico's 10th anniversary come this October the 14th. I am sure Nitro+ has great plans in mind for their popular image character.

Here is an over-arcing look at the main display hall.

These are where the big manufacturers set up their booths.

Garage kits and independent manufacturers are located in the hall opposite.

Care to guess how much this Godzilla figure costs?

993,600 Yen! Explaining the large number of security detail surrounding it.

Sega's SPM Nagato was on display and this was their WF exclusive release. Finished in a metallic coat, this WF exclusive Nagato sold out almost instantaneously.

Several of Sega's released Kancolle merchandise.

Including their huge fleet of Kancolle prize figures.

Takara Tomy to had a small booth with a nice pop-up stand of their increasingly popular Little Armory series.

Dengeki Hobby, being one of the premier hobby magazines, had their own booth too.

Gunpla was not the only thing on display with other model kits like airplanes and tanks on display too.

Remember Sonico's 10th Anniversary? Well, there is already a figure planned for that too!

These rather interesting soft-touch figures were on display too, really mixed feelings about these.

There was also a booth selling official Nitro+ merchandise with a heavy emphasis on Sonico but, they were all very expensive.

Huge Girls und Panzer posters which I am sure many collectors would definitely want to have. All of these on show at GodHand's booth where they were having a collaboration.

Thunderbolt Fantasy received quite a lot of spotlight too, it will be interesting to see what figures they make of it.

A particular protagonist of the Persona series, I just cannot remember her name.

The figure looks good overall especially with the coloring and details but, something about her eyes are amiss.

AmiAmi had their own booth too but, it focused mostly on sports wear weirdly enough.

You cannot mention an anime expo without cosplay.

The popular cosplayers had many photographers flocking around them.

It was interesting and disturbing both at the same time.

It just goes to show there are many facets to this hobbies and you may not necessarily enjoy everything. Nevertheless, Wonder Festival was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I look forward to visiting it again next year!


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