SIF Coverage: The Night Sky Knows Everything

Today's SIF Coverage comes a day late due to delays caused by an extended maintenance over at KLab's side. Everything is good now though and the 10 day Token Event is now up and running smoothly. Immediately, from the splash screen alone, you can tell that something very different is going on with SIF's events namely from this being the first ever Aqours event on the EN Server. Title "The Night Sky Knows Everything", this Token Event will be centered the second years, Chika and Riko.

Aside from being the first Aqours event, this event is also a first for many other matters including being a double SR event albeit in a very different format where the two SRs available are split into two categories, Event Points and Event Ranking.

The SR Rainy Season Chika is unlocked as part of the Event Points reward. The first copy unlocked at 11,000 points and another at 25,000 points meaning players can idolize her prior to event completion and without needing to tier for positions.

On top of those sweeping changes, another SR Chika is unlocked at 40,000 event points! This means almost any player planning to finish within Tier 2 (top 5500) will most definitely be unlocking 3 SR Chika(s). What would you do with the third copy? Sell it off in the Sticker Shop, use it level Chika's skill up or just keep it for collection? That is entirely up to you.

On the other side of things, the rewards for the tiers too have been completely changed up with SR(s) being rewarded up to Tier 3 (13,200th position). If you are planning to idolize SR Rainy Day Riko though, you would still have to qualify within Tier. Now that the EN and Korean servers have merged, that feat would be even more difficult to pull off!

Last but, not least there are changes to the Song Ranking rewards too. Although, I am not sure if I particularly agree with this one. Tier 1 still exclusively receives 2 Scouting Tickets but, Tier 2 and 3 share the exact same rewards. That strikes me as a little odd at the very least.

Before I forget, let us not forget the event song, "Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteruno?" a track sung by the sub-group Cyaron. The event tokens these times are ribbons and the mechanics for the event remains exactly the same as previous events. Keep in mind, EX songs are now event ranking songs and only Hard difficulty ones will contribute to your highest song score. With all the bases covered, I hope you have a great time with this exciting new event format. I am not sure exactly how I am planning to tackle the event but, I will likely adapt as it goes. Until then, stay tuned to Tiro Finale for all the latest SIF coverage and have a great weekend ahead!


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