Gabriel DropOut Ep 7

I enjoy watching Gabriel DropOut. It's a fun anime even if the comedy and moe can't match up to the two behemoths of this season. I still look forward to it every week but I want to make a special mention to its latest episode.

I won't go into detail about the whole episode because I've not read the manga so I can't really make a comment but I want to talk about the second half of the episode. In case you can't tell, spoilers for the episode follow.

The two best girls
Basically, Vigne gets sick and requires rest to heal up. That's fine and dandy. In the episode, she recalls that humans count a certain animal to put themselves to sleep (we count sheep leaping over fences). This can sometimes be sung as a lullaby too. Vigne can't seem to recall sheeps and so decides to count Cerberus (Cerberi?). But she doesn't just count. She sings it. Saori Onishi, the voice actress, has an excellent voice. So her singing it sounds incredible. Unfortunately, it doesn't put her to sleep.

Later on, Raphi and Satania decide to pay a visit but their good-willed intentions veils their desire to play with Vigne, who kicks them out because she wants to sleep. Vigne proceeds to try sleeping again and because she can't recall sheep, she instead pictures Gabriel and decides to count Gabriels. Cue the best lullaby I've heard in a long time. Seriously, it's such a soothing song.

Initially, this is the Gab she pictures. Ah, what could have been.
She eventually startles awake due to some overbearing imagination and finds Gab in her room. Gab is there to check up on her and deliver homework but of course, this is almost immediately subverted by her underlying reason, which was for Vigne to help her do her homework. Vigne then kicks Gab out but soon discovers that Gab had bought her food and drinks even when, right before Vigne fell ill, she mentioned that she had no money to spend on herself.

It's a small thing and it's cheesy in execution sure, but the emotion is genuine. Gab genuinely cares for Vigne and although she's technically a fallen angel, she's still good deep down. And maybe only towards Vigne. I enjoyed this episode especially for this moment and the lullabies.

But I'm not done yet. See, the episode ends but the regular ending song doesn't play. Instead, the ending song is replaced with Vigne singing the Gabriel lullaby and eventually falling asleep. It's a great touch to an already comforting episode and really, I'll probably be using this lullaby regularly. Unfortunately, due to copyrights, I will not link the song here. But this is the internet.

The lullaby to beat all lullabies


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