Konosuba S2 Episode 5!

I like that they decided to forgo the opening and ending to allow more room to finish off the arc. With Episode 5, the third light novel's arc has reached its conclusion. Well, sort of. Going by the preview, it seems the next episode is jumping straight to Volume 4, which means they're skipping over the epilogue of Volume 3. Hopefully they include it somewhere in the next episode. They can't gloss over it unlike Chomusuke's fish cooking skill. This one is an important one.

But anyways, how was the episode? I quite enjoyed it. Vanir's voice suits him but I can't quite seem to pick up any particular slang to his voice. In the novels, he always referred to himself as 'moi' but it doesn't seem like this habit of speaking is reflected in the anime. It could very well be that I can't hear it myself however.

Again, from what I remember, there are some differences between this and the novel. Everything was pretty condensed much like the previous episode but that's to be expected from an anime adaptation. I mean, they have to fit everything within their airtime. The bit at the end though, as I remembered, was done differently. I don't remember things getting that quiet when Darkness offered herself to be sacrificed. Or it could be that as I read it, I simply imagined things a bit differently.

At the end of the episode, it showed that Kazuma's debt is finally cleared! I already mentioned that this would happen pretty soon so hopefully 5 episodes was not too much to complain about. In addition to that, the party is now genuinely rich. Some people would argue that doing that makes things too easy and there'd be no struggle and all other isekai has never made it so easy for the characters. To those people, I would refer you back to the genre of this series.

I did notice that Aqua has been crying in nearly every episode over some issue. While I do enjoy it, I've realised that it's becoming a bit overdone. She doesn't cry this much in this arc. Or at least, in the novels, they never mentioned that she was crying so often. Well, whatever route they want to take, I still enjoy Sora's voice regardless.


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