SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 9 Conclusion

After one of the longest events ever held on SIF's EN Server, Medley Festival Round 9 has finally come to an end. And what an unexpected end to the whole event it was! Things started off strong with the cutoffs high but, mid-way through, enthusiasm somehow seemed to sizzle away as things slowed down significantly. It was not until the final day of the event where things started to pick up once again resulting in what we will be taking a closer look at today.

Starting with the Top 5 finishers, we have "NicoIsLove" taking the top spot with an incredible 1,666,666 event points. The others are not to far behind either with everyone within the Top 5 having 1,000,000 points and above. Top stuff!

Next up we have Tier 1 encompassing the Top 1100 spots whose cutoff took a nose dive halfway through the event when everyone seemed to slow down. Early predictions put the cutoff above 145,000 points but nearing the end of the event, it was evident such was not going to be the case. Only at the final hours of the last day did the cutoff pick up to surpass 125,000 event points which is also the final milestone for event rewards (1 Scouting Ticket). The final 1100th spot goes to "Mike" with 126,366 points.

Moving on, we have Tier 2 where the Top 5500  spots are coveted for their extra copy of the event SR as a reward. That final 5500th spot goes to "Law" with 68,724 points. Oddly enough, Tier 2's cutoffs were not so significantly affected with the initial predicted cutoffs sitting slightly above 70,000 event points. 

Qualify for Tier 1 and this is what your Reward Box will look like. This happens to be the first time I am qualifying for Tier 1 and, surprisingly enough, I had not realized how close I was to qualifying for it until I checked the rankings in the last day.

Here we have the event's N memebr, Isabella idolized.

And here she is in card form.

Of course, the star of the show is Nico herself. In order to unlock her full potential, we will first have to put her through Special Practice.

SR Rock Nico, idolized!

At Level 80, Nico's Cool Points rise to 4,690 points making her the 11th strongest Cool SR. Together with that, she also gains an additional Skill Slot and her maximum Bond Points rises to a total of 500.

The 3 vacant Skill Slots make the perfect home for Cool Cross which significantly boosts Nico's Cool Points while scaling with her growth.

Finally, here is a closer look at SR Rock Nico's card. Overall, I really like the design of not just this card but, every member within the Rock sub-series. I especially like how the designers cleverly incorporated their signature colors into their outfit and accessories. I cannot wait for SR Rock Rin and Nozomi! 

Well, the next event will start on the 15th of February granting us well over a week's worth of rest. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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