Super Sonico Beach Version Preview & Unboxing

From the depth of my collection, comes a Sonico figure that I have been meaning to review for a while now. Previously, we took a look at a prize figure from FuRyu. This time around, we will also be taking a look at another prize figure who is similarly scantily clad by an entirely different manufacturer altogether, Taito. While this figure is rather old by now, it is still worth taking a look to see how much has changed with prize figures as the years have gone by.
Starting with the front, you have a very typical prize figure shaped box namely a full body image of the figure inside and a tall, often rectangular box, to meet the regulations for arcade crane machines. You will not be finding any display window there as all four sides of the box are solid cardboard.

And that is not necessarily a bad thing as it helps provide rigidity and sturdiness to the otherwise thin cardboard box. On the sides of the box, there are several more focused shots of Sonico with the words "Summer" and "Beach" giving you a clear idea of the theme of the figure.

Surprisingly, the back is devoid of much words and documentation as you would usually see in prize figures or even premium figures. Instead, the back serves to showcase the rear view of Sonico together with several other focused shots. If you are wondering, much of the documentation was moved to the bottom of the box. 

Meanwhile, the other side of the box features more pictures of the product within. Overall then, the package is pretty attractive with the use of bright summer colors and an energetic design motif. The entirely solid box also lend towards providing structural rigidity so, you can be assured of the safety of the contents within.

Time to pop open the package.

Immediately you are greeted with a great deal of bubble wrap.

Remove said bubble wrap, and there is even more bubble wrap and three individual packages to deal with.

The first package houses the plain white base.

The second, houses both of Sonico's arms. The one with the extra bubble wrap is Sonio's left arm which is holding on to a fragile pair of sunglasses. Good thing Taito decided to provide plenty of bubble wrap to house things safely.

Last but, not least, is Sonioc herself. Immediately, the thing which stood out to me the most was her size. Indeed much larger than any other Sonico prize figure I have reviewed thus far!

With this final teaser picture, comes an end to today's preview of Taito's Super Sonico Summer Beach version. While I would like to provide my initial impression on this Sonico, I think it would be wise for me to hold off from that until I have spent more time scrutinizing the figure. Rest assured, all of that and more will be covered in the full review to come soon. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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