SIF Coverage - SR Gothic Dress Yoshiko

Now more than halfway through the event, it is time to shine the spotlight on Yoshiko and her event SR. This is the first time Yoshiko has been featured as part of an event which makes this her first Event and Event SR on the EN Server. The fact that the theme is "Gothic Dress" just makes things all the more suitable for this fallen angel.

Your first copy of Yoshiko would arrive upon accumulating 11,000 Event Points. If she is not in your Member List, do not forget to check your Present Box!

So, here she is at Level 1in Cool Attribute and sporting a Perfect Lock skill. Her skill may not have a very high percentage of activating but, when it does, it will hold for a whole 4 seconds! Aside from that, things are pretty simple with Yoshiko dressed in a plain gray-scale checkered dress, brown cardigan and knee high boots. It certainly is not offensive but, nothing really special either.

For that, you will have to collect 25,000 Event Points which will subsequently unlock you an additional copy of SR Gothic Dress Yoshiko. Put them together in the Special Practice blender minding to place the higher level copy on the first slot and then, initiate idolization!

The fallen angel has finally risen.

At Level 80, Yoshiko unlocks her full potential where her Cool Points rises to 4,820 points, the highest of any Cool Event SR thus far. On top of that, she also gains an additional Skill Slot which makes it very useful in placing in more powerful skills. Lastly, her Bond Points reach rise from 250 to 500 further bolstering her Cool Points.

As with any other three-slot SR, I would always recommend the use of Cool Cross. Her abundance of Cool Points makes the skill even more worth it to utilize.

Lastly, here is a close up look at Yoshiko in her Gothic Dress. Aside from having a very beautiful dress, I think the blue "Cool" background really suits the look of the card too!

Well then, with just four days left for the event, things will start to heat up as players begin to cement their position within the Tiers. At the end of the event, Tiro Finale will be there to take an in-depth look at the conclusion of it all together with a spotlight on Ruby. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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