SIF Coverage - One Dreamy Night Conclusion

Finally, the heavens have descended upon us and the "One Dreamy Night" has finally come to an end. At least, that is how I imagine Yohane would describe it. At any rate, after 10 days of Token Event competition using the new format, the latest Aqours double-SR event has finally come to a close. The new format has indeed made quite an impact on the cutoffs as we will soon discover. On top of that, the additional daily LG rewards also served to add more fuel to the fire that was this Token Event's competition.

 Starting with the Top 5, we see the usual array of dizzying numbers with the first place going to "opiuman" scoring an insane 2,777,777 Event Points. The next closest player "968 GEMS" (probably indicative of the number of gems spent) is half a million Event Points away with 2,222,222 Event Points. EN Server's highest ranking player "Kintolesky" too makes an appearance in third place. While fourth and fifth place goes to "Coolguy" and "Hpulley50%" respectively with each of them scoring well above 1,000,000 Event Points.

The cutoffs for Tier 1 are equally unbelievable too. Not just for the amount of points but, the exact amount of points. The final 1100th position, this time, cutoff at exactly 88,888 Event Points. Accumulating such an exact number of points is in itself a rather amazing feat but, to secure the final position in Tier 1? That is simple unheard of.

 Moving onto to Tier 2, we see the cutoffs remain pretty high too with "Anzchi" securing the final spot at 47,278 Event Points. Wonderful Rush was in full effect here as 24 hours before the end of the event, the cutoff was hovering slightly above 30,000 Event Points with the predicted cutoff sitting at 43,000 Event Points.

It is times like these where I am glad I invested those extra Love Gems to secure my position comfortably within the middle of Tier 2. Despite the new format and increased cutoffs, the number of Love Gems needed to tier for the event did not rise to a disproportionate level. Thus, making this new format rather apt for Token Events and unlikely to affect the other event types.

Before we proceed to the star of the show, let us cast the spot light on the event's N Member, Shitara Fumi and her pet chameleon, Gyoro-chan.
There is always such a big change between her normal and idolized form.

The only thing which stays the same is Gyoro-chan.

Finally, it has come the time to take a look at SR Gothic Dress Ruby. At Level 1, this diminutive idol sports a Smile Attribute (3,570 points) and a Score Up skill. Her Score Up skill does not have a very high trigger percentage (27%) and relies upon Perfect Notes but, achieves a hefty score boost (435 points) when activated. Very useful for both a hybrid and pure Score Up team composition provided you can consistently nail those notes.

At Level 60, Ruby's Smile Points rises to 4,400 with little else changing. Like most Event SR(s), in order to fully unlock their potential, you would need to first idolize them. Which is exactly what we are going to do!

Before that, one final look at Ruby-chan.

Before we hit the Special Practice blender to idolized Ruby. Remember to always place the higher leveled member in the uppermost slot to make the most of your prior leveling. Once you are ready, tap that "Special Practice button" and;
Say hello to Aquors' (and Yohane's) own Little Demon!

Now idolized, SR Gothic Dress Ruby's level cap rises to 80 together with an additional skill slot and maximum (potential) Bond Points up to 500. Her Smile Points rises by 280 points to 4,680 points making her the 14th strongest Event Smile SR. Aesthetically, the addition of the new Gothic-styled dress immediately comes to attention and is likely the reason many players are aiming to idolize her in the first place.

Any Skill would work just find as long all three slots are used. In this aspect, Smile Cross [1st] is a very good choice if you have spares in your inventory.
Another look at Ruby's Gothic Dress. Yohane would be proud.

The next event does not begin until the 3rd of March, giving us (the players) plenty of rest time until then. But, you can be sure that Tiro Finale would be there for the full coverage of the next event the moment it goes live till its conclusion. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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