Super Sonico Easter Bunny (Blue) Preview/Unboxing

Following yesterday's gallery, I promised that there would be a new Sonico figure review in the works. Today, I am here to fulfill that exact promise after having picked the ideal figure that I would like to review. Here she is, FuRyu's Super Sonico Easter Bunny Concept Figure Blue Version. If you think the name is a handful, wait till you get a load of the figure. Alright, time to get straight to unboxing!

Starting by removing the protective bubble wrap that it came in to reveal the product's box in perfect condition. The sign saying "Blue" serves to indicate the color variant of this particular Easter Bunny Sonico with the other color variant being pink. The top right corner simply says "Concept Figure" as it is part of FuRyu's Concept Figure Series where they cosplay Sonico in various fantasy-themed outfits. While the bottom of the box writes "Concept Figure Easter Bunny" in case you mistaken Sonico for being an ordinary bunny. 
The box itself is rather slim and light but, it is very tall. Much more so than the figure inside. This of course has to do with it being a prize figure. If it were too short, it would make for easy winnings in arcade crane games. As such, these prize figure boxes are often much larger than their contents within.

Together with the obligatory warning and statements at the back, Sonico's box is rather standard prize figure affair. 

Despite its simplicity, the box sure has a lovely design around it with a combination of floral motifs and pastel colors. Very Easter-like as it should be.

Time to pop open the box.

Plenty of bubble wrap to keep the contents safe from damage.

Within, there are two separate plastic packings.

One for the base.

Another for Sonico herself.

To be honest, I really was not expecting much from the figure judging from its simple design and low price (1,200 Yen). But I was really shocked when I saw the figure for myself. The first thing that immediately caught my eye were the bright colors which really popped out! More on that in the full review coming later this week. Stay tuned for that! Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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