KonoSuba S2 Episode 6!

Remember the detail I said they missed out on in the previous episode? They mentioned it at the start of this one. Yes, Vanir is part of the supporting cast and one of the fan favourites actually. I mean, he even got his own spin-off novel.

This episode was very satisfying to watch. It had many important story elements, it played scenes out greatly and the comedy was once again, spot on. It was less slapstick this time around, aiming for a longer drag before a bigger punchline. The animation for certain sequences needs special mention such as the barlady inadvertently starting a bar fight, Luna's explanation of their quest, Aqua's tantrum regarding her actions and the battle. Also, for an episode without explosion, the visuals were done pretty well.

Every scene played out similarly to that of the novels. The only one that's different is Chunchunmaru's naming. It took place at the sword shop in the novels.

I want to point out that there's also nothing wrong with Chunchunmaru. It's actually a pretty great name. It'll grow on you. And Darkness' scream at the end was priceless.



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