KonoSuba S2 Episode 7!

So I was wrong. I didn't think they would spend more than half an episode in Axel before they actually departed for the hot springs. But it was still a good episode.

I enjoyed the art and animation, especially when Aqua was being chastised by Vanir. Gotta love how Aqua hates them devils and demons with a passion. I believe Aqua receives the full service of the budget for the show. She's both the best and the worst in terms of animation and art. Good choice Studio Deen.

This episode was a little slower than most, probably except for the hilarity that ensued at the end but for the first half, the gags weren't very noticeable in their execution. But because of that, we get to see the other qualities of the show deliver on the humour.

Again, to refer back to the animation, Aqua pretending to slap Kazuma with wads of cash just broke me. Perfect I say! Yunyun bringing fruits to the mansion only to discover no one was there coupled with the ending note gave me a mixture of feelings, most of which relate to me feeling horrible. And oh, all the cute moments from Aqua crying to Megumin playing with the pet dragon.

Really though, the best part was the end. I initially forgot what was supposed to happen but upon hearing about the lizards '...charging towards the hardest thing...' I remembered. I remembered this part and the execution for this scene played very, very well. It's just like I pictured when I read it before. Good job Studio Deen. The sudden, abrupt cliffhanger, that I don't like. Don't do stuff like that Studio Deen!

Overall, the episode was great. They did spend quite some time with the smaller scenes but I appreciated it nonetheless. The slow sequence as they were leaving Axel was warmly received too. And the final bit, almost a one-to-one adaptation of the event from the novel.

But there's one part they didn't adapt! While Kazuma has created loads of cool stuff, he was also looking into creating condoms. And the best part comes from when Aqua and Darkness blows into them thinking they're balloons. That part was both funny and the illustration that tagged along was satisfying to say the least.

They do look more beautiful in the novels, don't they?
P.S. A special mention to go to Aqua! For blowing at Kazuma's ear. And his moan after that. I applaud.


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