KonoSuba S2 Episode 4!

I guess this really is a weekly thing now. I intend to put a post every week on Thursday but unfortunately, I was a little busy yesterday. Regardless, I'll try my best to keep it out on Thursdays whenever I can.

Episode 4 was by far the funniest episode, largely due to our pent up need for some perverted Darkness action. The comedy was spot on here with Kazuma's dialogue usually leading the charge. The previous episodes had great dialogue too but this one was a little more exceptional in terms of execution and pacing.

Darkness is depicted to be more noble and dignified in the light novels

One big thing that I noticed from the start was that the art was a little funky. Not the animation, the art. And I know that people would argue that the art was funky from the get-go of season 2 but it was more noticeable here. Previously, we've just been dealing closely with Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin and Yunyun. This time around, with the proper introduction of Darkness' royal heritage, they effectively shifted our focus from simply the story and dialogue to the art as well. Because boy oh boy, Darkness dressing up is indeed quite lecherous.

They removed quite a bit more dialogue from the books to condense this episode and even changed some things around.  Or maybe I'm just remembering wrongly. Either way, I would say they did Darkness' first arc rather well. I especially enjoyed Kazuma and Darkness' duel. It's sort of a prelude into Kazuma's actual potential as a combatant. I also really enjoyed that little tidbit with Aqua and the fishes.

Finally, it seems that the next episode will feature a fan favourite character! At least, when it comes to male characters aside from Kazuma.


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