Catch Up Content 6: The Mischievous Non-tan

That must've been really frightening
Time again for more NozoEli goodness, this time the Mischievous Non-tan arc continues with Eli hot on the heels of Nozomi. What will the outcome be? Read on to find out.
Poor Eli...
Nozomi is depicted here as a tanuki which according to Japanese folklore is able to transform into different forms to fool people, just like we see here.
What could Non-tan want?
Will Non-tan get what she desires? Will Eli-chika be able to figure it out? Only the next installment will tell. In the meantime, thanks so much for reading and don't forget to check out the artist on Pixiv. The next part of Catch Up Content comes up tomorrow. Until then, have a great day ahead!


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