SIF Coverage: Medley Festival Round 3

Medley Festival Round 3 has officially started! As usual, the event will run for 10 days from the 19th till the 29th of February 2016. While I'm sure the past two Medley Festivals were really popular among SIF players, it's this one which everybody will be gunning to tier for, myself included. That's because, this time we have the ever popular Ayase Eli as the center of the entire event.

For those of you new to School Idol Festival, Medley Festival is one of the 3 types of events frequently held in-game. The other two being, Score Match and Token Match. Medley Festival plays out by allowing you (the player) to play up to 3 songs at the difficulty of your choice (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert). Before playing, there are various boosters you can purchase with in-game gold that will help improve your play-through. The harder the difficulty, the better the payoff. The only catch is, if you fail midway through playing be it the first or last note, you fail everything. Ultimately, the aim is to earn as many points as you can and earn rewards (especially a free event SR at 25,000 points!!) along the way. Oh, and also have fun!

Finish within the Top 1000 positions, or Tier 1, and you'll receive 2 event SR Ayase Eli. On top of the one you get at hitting 25,000 points, those who finish within Tier 1 will receive a total of 3 SR Ayase Eli. Finish within the Top 5000 and you'll be in Tier 2 which nets you an additional SR Ayase Eli for a total of 2. This makes Tier 2 the most sought after and competitive segment among players usually.

On top of getting the SR Doll Festival Ayase Eli, you also get an additional copy which;
Allows you to idolize them together to make an extremely lovely Doll Festival Eli. The highly ornate Kimono and fan that she has fits her so well! Best of all, it's a Cool attribute card which is Eli's strongest attribute. I'll go further into depth about Doll Festival Eli, her stats and skills in a later article.

For now, if you're playing SIF, I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Until the next time, thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead!


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