Mami in Action #01

 #01 - The First Strike

Welcome, to a new photo series here on Tiro Finale called "Mami in Action" where we'll be taking a look at our beloved Tomoe Mami in action with a myriad of awesome firearms.

As you might remember, some while ago I managed to get my hands on some rather limited Little Armory x Figma optional weapon parts. These were highly detailed miniature firearms made to be fitted with Good Smile Company's Figma series of (action?) figures. 

Of course, it wasn't as simple as just buying the gun of your choice and be done with it, which by the way, costs quite a lot at 1000 Yen each. You'd also have to source the appropriate hands to mount the guns for which, if you've ever searched for before, is a pretty difficult task. Fortunately, both GSC and Tomytec have been kind enough to re-release both the hands and guns periodically to meet the demand of collectors.

Outside of Japan, getting your hands on these without pre-ordering prior can be a real tough task. I'm unsure if this is due to small volume production or just simply very high demand. For now, I'm leaning more towards the prior. If and when you do manage to get your hands on it though, it's certainly worth it! While there is some assembling required (akin to a Plamo), the detailing of the guns are extremely good.

Being a fan of firearms myself, there are time where I find myself just staring blankly at these little wonders. It doesn't just stop at detailing either, as there's also a great deal of variation you with each type of gun.
The magazine, suppressor, vertical grip, iron, laser AND optical sights are also removable! On top of that, for the H&K MP7 models, you'll get two base MP7s. One with a extended butt-stock and another with a retracted one. When you consider how much Tomytec has managed to condense into a single package, the asking price (of 1000 Yen) doesn't seem so exorbitant after all.

Aside from the MP7, there are a myriad of other models available too from your standard issue pistols (P226) and rifles (M4A1) to the higher powered sniper rifles (M82) and grenade launchers (MGL). Currently, I only have four in the armory which is the featured MP7A1, Mk18Mod0, M82A2 and M32 MGL. 

I had my reservations initially but, after spending some time with it, I'm definitely planning to get my hands on more. Mami could definitely use a set of nice P226 pistols, dual wielded too!

Of course, the Little Armory series isn't without its faults. Two notable ones come to mine which I should mention. First is the poor fit of the hands and weapon hence, the noticeable Blu-Tack in pictures. Otherwise, it just falls off too much. Second is the fitment of the accessories such as the sights and grips. For example, I chose to not include the ACOG sight in this photo shoot because it kept falling off. Some plastic cement would help firmly mount it in place but, I didn't have any at the moment and didn't want to risk loosing such a small part. 

If you're interested in getting more information about the Little Armory series by Tomytec, you should check out their Official Website. It's largely in Japanese but, some parts have already been translated to English. I really hope they expand upon the series, it has such potential!
Mami senses danger ahead!
TL;DR? Schoolgirl Mami with awesome modern firearms doing awesome things and, that's basically it. I look forward to expanding this series further with even more galleries in the future. In the next part, we answer the question, how exactly does Mami bring an MP7 into school grounds. Is it magic? Stay tuned to find out.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you!

P.S. I just found out ACOG means Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, all these years without knowing....


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