Mami & Bebe at School

Look, it's Mami-chan;
Something is off. Could it be due to the fact that I haven't gotten any new figurines in a while? It could be. No, it most definitely is! Starring at my collection, I've had this nagging feeling in me for a while which hit me whilst I was casually browsing Mandarake this morning. 

I haven't gotten any new figures in a long time! The last time I did was in Tokyo at the end of December. Since then, I have gone a whole month a little bit more without any new figures. Worse still, I had gone on for a whole 6 months without a new Mami figure!

and Bebe!
Now, this must have been starting to eat at me on a subconscious level and, subsequently, the reason I decided to browse what's new over at Mandarake from out of the blue. That's because, the new Madoka Magica Magiccraft (Part 2) Ichiban Kuji had already begun bringing with it one whole new Mami figure, available in two variations. The standard C Prize offering and the special Last Prize.

In case you're wondering, it's the rooftop of Mitakihara Middle School
Of course, where better to check for availability of these figures on the re-seller's market if not Mandarake? For those of you who have followed Tiro Finale for a while, would know that I almost always get my Kuji fix from Mandarake. Sure you pay a premium but, nothing beats getting exactly what you want. Sometimes, it even saves you money because, let's not forget, Kuji(s) are always luck and probability based with the odds almost always being against your favor.

The same school Mami and Co. attend. Pretty isn't it?
Which brings it to the theme of today's gallery, Mami & Bebe. Mami wears a Bebe inspired hoodie in her latest Kuji figure and the Last Prize version even has a little Bebe sitting atop her head. Trust me, it's super adorable!

When it comes to the two, they're such a perfect match with many figure manufacturers acknowledging that special bond. Wave's Beach Queens V1 Special Edition, Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche, Good Smile Company's Nendoroid and Aniplex's Maiko Version are just a few which have Mami and Bebe featured together. 
After all, why wouldn't you? Especially with the diminutive Bebe and elegant Mami being such a great pair together. Their origins together may be a little darker than you'd expect but, Mami's interaction with Bebe especially when she babble nonsensically is just too cute!

The past few articles from my fellow writers have been fairly lengthy so, I'm going to keep this Mami & Bebe special short. After all, I prefer to let my pictures do most of the talking.
Where's my cheese?
Oh, if you're wondering just which Mami figure this is, it's an Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara Tomoe Mami figure from the Rebellion Kuji. You can check out my review of it right here on Tiro Finale.
With that final shot, we come to the conclusion of this special Mami & Bebe themed photo shoot. I hope you've enjoyed the photos because I had a lot of fun taking them. Now if you would excuse me, I have a date with Mandarake's store. Until then, have a great day ahead everyone!


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