SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 16 Hotfix

Remember that little issued with the wrong event banner being used that I mentioned? True enough, it's all fixed now with the help of a quick emergency maintenance. If you haven't any clue what I'm talking about, you can check out my initial coverage of the event here.
For your troubles, KLab has given out 1 free Love Gem as compensation for the Emergency Maintenance. Not that any of it bothered players much in the first place but, it's still nice to see a developer responsibly owing up to their mistakes. The best part is, the whole maintenance only took 30 minutes.

Now with the right banner back in place, you can go on peacefully playing the event as you rack up the points to get the very SR Nozomi featured in the banner. This little niggle aside, the whole event has been running really smooth thus far. While the points may be going up at a slightly alarming rate, the matchmaking thus far has been really good with minimal waiting times. Guess that goes to show how many people want this Nozomi, huh?

Alright, that's been a quick update on Score Match Round 16. The next update would likely come when I obtain my own SR Nozomi? In the meantime, it'll be the usual bevy of content on Tiro Finale. In fact, the new writers may even be making their debut soon. Until then, thanks so much for reading and hope you're having a good weekend so far.


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