SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 16 SR Update

We're now at the halfway point of Score Match Round 16. Five days through and I've finally managed to net 25,000 points to get my first SR Snow Bunny Nozomi. It's funny, even though you're well aware that you're going to get it, there's still that rush of excitement when you finally complete the song which unlocks it. Especially if that particular card is something special.
Oh, and special it is! Judging from the number of players going at it for this event and the rate at which the points are steadily climbing, this event is a popular one indeed. In fact, by the second day of the event, I was already beginning to come up against players who had already gotten this Nozomi. It's insane!
Putting aside just how adorable the un-idolized version of Nozomi looks, the unique skill that she has is a worthy addition to any Pure team too especially if you're aiming for High Scores. "Snow Rabbits" as it is called, grants you a 30% chance to increase your Score by 500 every 30 Rhythm Icons. This potentially increases your total score anywhere between 1500-5000 points per 300 note song, a pretty substantial boost when you consider how close how some Score Matches can be.

Then, there's the SR Card itself. The design may be simple but, I really like it. It's such simplicity and those two adorable snow bunnies which fit Nozomi so well. Of course, it's no match for the idolized version which I am sure many of us are aiming for.
But before I continued grinding on in Score Matches, there just so happened to be a "Third-Year Student Scouting" as the event limited time scouting. Knowing that I shouldn't give into temptation especially after already obtaining one new SR Nozomi, I did what every sensible School Idol Festival would have done.

I did it anyway! With my current reservoir of Love Gems then being fairly sizable then (at 227 Gems), I didn't have too much problem funding a single scout. Nevertheless, it was my policy to never go below my 150 Love Gem "float" hence, it would have been only a single scout. All of it is on the line for this single go then. How did it go then?

In one word, bad. I've never had any much "luck" with 10+1 Scouting and this time was no exception. For a long time, I've stopped believing in the concept of "luck" already because if such a concept actually existed I'd be chronically plagued with bad luck. 

The result was a handful of redundant Rare cards and, the saving grace, one single Super Rare card. Thankfully, these 10+1 draws always have a guaranteed Super Rare otherwise, all I'd be drawing are Rare cards.

Well, enough of my mopping about, what card is it? Judging from my disappointment earlier - I even forgot to take a screenshot of the results - you could obviously tell it wasn't Nozomi. What is is though is the Snowy Mountain version Eli which, after I had calmed down a little, turned out to not be such a bad draw. My Cool team had been struggling for a while now and had become the weakest of my three attributes, having a new SR Eli in it was certainly going to be a big boost.
Plus, Eli looks really cool (no pun intended) in this card too! Now, just to get the Snowy Mountain version of Nozomi as well. Maybe in the next Third Year Scouting but, most definitely after I recover my Love Gems back to a desired 200+ balance.

Alright, that's all for this quick update on Score Match Round 16. With just 5 days left to the event, I hope everyone participating is doing their best! I know I am. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead everyone!


  1. I liked the unidolised ver of Nozomi more ._.


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