My Nendoroid Collection

Nendoroids. Cute to look at, fun to play with and great to collect. Or at least that's the tagline. Recently, a good friend of mine surpassed a collection of more than 120 Nendoroids in a span of slightly over 2 years since he began collecting. An impressive feat no less and one that inspired me to write this article. While my collection is a mere fraction of his, I'd still love to share my collection with you all. Being primarily a scale figure collector, I hardly ever collect Nendoroid figures. Hence, the 8 you see above you are those I hold with dear sentiment and high regard. Let's find out why.

Starting of with my first ever Nendoroid, No. 183 Tomoe Mami Magical Girl Version which believe it or not was actually a birthday gift to me from a friend. This also happens to be the very first figure in my collection followed promptly by GSC's 1/8 Tomoe Mami. In a sense, you can consider this my gateway drug to the world of figure collection. Till date, this is the only one of my eight Nendoroids that I've ever opened.

Second on the list is Nendoroid No. 379 Tomoe Mami School Uniform Version, a figure that today remains one of my all-time favorites. The No. 379 Mami was initially released as a WonFes 2014 Exclusive before being available worldwide via GSC's online shop. Otherwise, availability was fairly scarce and to find one, I headed all the way to Tokyo to get my hands on the very last one in store.
Aside from being inexplicably cute, Mami also came bundled with Bebe. This combination alone was a must have for every collector especially with Bebe's trademark quirky expression.

Third on the list, is yet another find from Tokyo, Nendoroid No. 252 Super Sonico Tora Parka (Tiger Hoodie) version. This one's particularly interesting because I got it prior to even being a fan of Super Sonico. I had seen her in several hobby magazines in the past but, it was mostly at a glance without much afterthought. Yet, for some reason or another, on my last day in Tokyo I specifically went out of my way to find this Nendoroid. A decision I'm really glad I did because, a year on, she's become really difficult to find.

Fast forward one year since my first Nendoroid and we arrive at Nendoroid No. 403 Nagisa Momoe which, just like the year before, was also a birthday present. A Mami collection isn't complete without Bebe or Nagisa now would it?
The fifth Nendoroid I collected came much later on as I had continue to focus my efforts on scale figures. While I'm not a particularly big fan of Celty, I found her Nendoroid (No. 503) to be extremely unique with its black motorcycle and the huge helmet. As part of a pre-order bonus from GSC's Online Shop, I also received a "heart-shaped" headpiece which I'm sure is lying around somewhere in my house.

Moving on, is one of the crowning glories of my collection, Nendoroid No. 520 Yamato. The grand scale of this thing isn't just apparent from the sheer size of the box but, more so, the weight of it. Till date, my most expensive Nendoroid purchase at 8,000 Yen (shipping included). Now, here's to hoping GSC will finally make one for Atago already!

Finally, there are my two latest additions to my collection, Nendoroid No. 530 Tojo Nozomi and No. 464 Ayase Eli. Nozomi was pre-ordered in a heartbeat the moment it was unveiled while, Eli was obtained later on when she was re-released. Yes, the NozoEri is so strong that I just had to included them together. 

As you can see, my humble Nendoroid collection primarily encompasses my favorite characters making me more akin to a character-based collector rather than a series-based collector. The best part is, these Nendoroids hold a special place in my collection right up there with my favorite scale figures. I'm definitely planning to expand my collection in the future with Nozomi and Eli in their training outfit already pre-ordered. Maybe Genos and Saitama (though he's a little plain)? And I'm still wishing GSC would make a Nendoroid of Atago and Sento (from Amagi Brilliant Park). 

What about you? Do you have a large collection of Nendoroids or are scale more of your thing? Either way, thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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