SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 16 Conclusion

I know a promised a new review today but, I completely forgot that Score Match Round 16 ends today. Thus, apologies beforehand! Seeing as to how the event just ended, I figured it would be better to cover it hot of the press and delay the review by one day to tomorrow. So tomorrow, tomorrow then?
Anyway, onto the coverage of this fairly heated Score Match which has finally come to a close. If you weren't aware of the changes made to the Tier System, Tier 2 now cuts of at 5000th place over the old 4500th place. These changes were made in light of the increasing player base that School Idol Festival has been getting and that's a good thing, a very good thing indeed. This time around, the cutoff for T2 was slight under 51,000 points at 50,766 points. As predicted, many players stopped above the 50,000 point mark as its reward was a Love Gem.

How did I do then? Tadah! Comfortably in the middle of T2 with 53,623 points at 2,177th Place. After getting burned in the previous Kotori event, I wasn't going to risk it and opted to spend a few more Love Gems to guarantee my position in T2. Surprisingly though, I actually ended up using fewer Love Gems than I had initially planned to.

For successfully ranking within the top 5000 places, the rewards are indeed very lucrative. The single Green Scouting Ticket and N Event Card (Ayanokouji Himeno) may be pretty standard issue but, it's that extra SR which everyone toils so hard for.

Before I move onto the idolized Snow Bunny Nozomi, I figured it would be nice to cover the idolized version of the event's N Card as well. 
Fitting the Snow Bunny theme as well, Himeno-san too gets a Snow Bunny-inspired idol costume. Like all her other outfits, it comes with a Japanese traditional outfit twist to it too!

With this release, Himeno-san has a card in every attribute from Smile to Cool and finally Pure. Aren't these N cards great? A new member, idolized with its own Side Story and a free Love Gem.
Now then, moving onto the star of the show, SR Snow Bunny Nozomi. The un-idolized version was already a current core component of my Pure team and I just can't wait to bolster the team further now with the idolized version!
Well, you already know how she looks so, it's not much of a surprise to see her now isn't it? It's still so lovely though especially with the frilly skirt and fluffy bunny ears!
Eli-chika Approved!
If you didn't know, Nozomi's core attribute is Pure. That makes it her strongest attribute and favored card/team position.
To wrap it all up, there are 4 new EX songs going to be released from February 16th till the March 6th. This has me really excited as I'm really looking forward to play Kimi no Kuse ni! on EX difficulty. Snow Halation and Kira-Kira Sensation are also really fun EX songs to play too!

Once again, I apologize for the delay in the expected review. By hook or by crook, I'll make sure that they are up by tomorrow. Until then, thanks so much again for reading and have a great week ahead!


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