Catch Up Content 9: The Mischievous Non-tan

Well, what would you expect?
The adventures, or should I say misadventures, of Eli-chika and Non-tan continues! This time, the final 3 parts come together for the conclusion of the "Mischievous Non-tan" Arc. What happens now that Non-tan has her meat? Will they be having a party like planned? Read on to find out! 

10 Yen, Chika!

It's Nico and her siblings!
What a pleasant ending wouldn't you agree? Often I enjoy translating these comics not just to learn but, because it's so much fun to do too. I look forward to bringing you more of my translations especially on days where I miss out on content.

If you love the art, don't forget to check out the original artist's work over on Pixiv. The comics are released daily and if you can read Japanese, I highly recommend it. Even if you can't, the pictures themselves explain plenty. Once again, thanks so much for reading and hope you had a great weekend.


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