SIF Coverage: Medley Festival Round 3 Complete

Before we begin, let me just say, Happy 29th of February! It's a leap year meaning we get 29 days in February once every four years. Today also happens to be the last day of Medley Festival Round 3. This means, the event has ended and everyone can now enjoy the fruits of their labor over these past 10 days. 
Beginning with the top scorers, this time around the competition was extremely heated for top spot resulting in a 3-way tie for the first place at 1.2 MILLION points each. That's right, those numbers aren't and its string of zeroes aren't fooling your eyes. The next closest competitor at fourth place was a distant two hundred thousand points apart. A part of me thinks, the game's system stopped registering any possible scores after they hit 1.2 million points. Either way, congrats and kudos to Oxide, Kintolesky and Eli-sbian for their amazing efforts!

Moving on is Tier 1 which cuts off at the Top 1000 positions. This time, the total amount of points required to qualify for it was 75,169 points which is a very big number indeed. For those who made it into this tier, I'm sure they'll find it well worth the effort.

Next up, is the no less coveted Tier 2 which cuts off at the Top 5000 positions. 24 hours before the event ended, the predicted cutoff point for Tier 2 was hovering slightly above 57,000 points. But, at the mad rush within the last 12 hours the cutoff jumped a whole 2000+ points to 59,444 points. Rockangelz, you are one lucky player.

This high cutoff and big jump in predicted points just go to show how popular Eli is among the 9 members of Muse, particularly so for this event with its lovely SR reward. Luckily for me, just like the previous Nozomi event, I decided to invest one extra Love Gem to bring my total points up to 62,355 and place me comfortably in 2137th position. Once burned in Kotori's event, never will I make the same mistake again.

Qualifying for Tier 2 means I get a total of three rewards, a green Scouting Ticket, the event N Shiraki Nagi and SR Ayase Eli. Of course, the first two come with even lower tiers and only the latter (SR) is the main reward of making it to Tier 2.
The N member for this event is Shiraki Nagi in a Smile Attribute. Un-idolized, she looks rather plain and uninteresting. 
Once it is idolized though, Nagi-chan sports a really beautiful outift inspired by the Doll Festival theme.
Here's a closer look at it in the card form. It's pretty cute eh?
Now, for the star of the show that so many of us worked so hard for. Idolizing the SR Doll Festival Eli. Just like Shiraki Nagi, Eli too looks rather plain in un-idolized form but, becomes a real beauty once she is idolized.

Tadah! This is the only time, we as players, will get to see Eli's full outfit once it is idolized.
In the card form, there's a little bit of the outfit cut off from the vertical edges but, it's not too bad and still looks very lovely.
At Level 80, Eli packs 4720 Cool points which is a pretty high stat number. Combine that with the 500 bonus points from the Bond/Kizuna at you're looking at a total of 5220 Cool points.

At that rate, Doll Festival Eli is now the new center for my Cool team and my main team too. It's so detailed and beautiful to pass on and I'm really glad I managed to tier for this event and I'm sure 5000 others on the EN server would agree with me.

To wrap up this SIF coverage, I'll leave you with another new member to my roster. This time, it's a new R Nozomi that I've been trying to scout for a while now. Today, I finally got it!

If you've been participating in Medley Festival Round 3, I hope you've enjoyed the event. For those of you who haven't, what are you waiting for? I look forward to meeting you in SIF! Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!


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