The Onomatopoeia for an Engine is DURARARA!!

Why do I enjoy watching Durarara!! or otherwise known as DRRR? I sometimes catch myself saying that as I watch the episodes. Keep in mind that I do keep up with the latest DRRR (not the light novels) and so, potential spoilers might follow if you are not up to date with the anime.

I started watching DRRR when the entirety of the first season was released and was immediately hooked on it. Whether it was because of the amazing intro, jazzy atmosphere, exotic characters or perplexing story, I cannot say for sure. Though admittedly, by the end of the first season, I craved more of every aspect of the series. I wanted this to last longer than most light novel adaptations. Thankfully, my wish was granted when the second season was announced and a 3 part season at that!

Fast forward to today, I find myself only enjoying a few parts of every episode. For example, not every character interests me anymore and I get quite turned off when the series decides to showcase 5 minute conversations that I could really care less about.

Mikado for example is depicted in the first season as a very shy, worrywart and quite reserved character that somehow gets drawn into the mysteries of the city. He was then revealed to be the mastermind behind the infamous Dollars group and possessed quite a sadistic, almost psychotic side to his personality, giving him more mystery, depth and charisma than I thought possible. But nowadays, I just find his VA annoying, his personality underplayed (or rather, overplayed) and his goals nowhere to be seen.

The story gets too convoluted with too many characters being introduced at one-go. Characters I assumed were unimportant suddenly became crucial to the plot before the grand revelation that they weren't exactly important after all. But aside from the twists and characters, the worse thing comes from the incredibly cryptic conversations characters have that dart from potentially interesting to downright confusing. The conversations try so hard to have an air of limbo that it borders on philosophical but just comes off as a headache. I just want Orihara and Mikado to tell me their plans and for the Saika wielders to tell me how they feel. Yet, I get nothing. I probably could if I were to go all focus-mode on it but if I have to do that, then you're not selling the material properly.

The Monogatari series does this but plays with metahumor and referencing so well that I can get a laugh out of the conversation and still understand the mainpoint (though admittedly, Hanekawa and Oshino beats around the bush WAY too many times).

But even after all that (which is an incredible factor in a series focused on characters, conversations and story), I still watch it. The intros are incredible, the soundtrack is fantastic and I love the characters I love like Shizuo and Celty. Shizuo has got to be my favourite character and with Varona, they're my OTP for the series. I can say that I am interested in watching the sequel to DRRR if it ever gets adapted into an anime but the author has to fix his style.

P.S. Apparently, one of the new characters from the sequel can fight on par with Shizuo. That may or may not be the reason why I want to watch it. Also, they better reintroduce Varona or I will rage!


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