Persona HYPE!

Hello all! I'm covering for today again because the boss is out of town.

I couldn't wait until the next trailer to talk about Persona 5 so let's talk about it today! Though, I'll make it relatively simple to avoid unwanted speculations. Basically, I'm just going to geek out over this.

For starters, I like the fact that we're playing villains as opposed to heroes. Sure, it's more like Robin Hood but the fact that freedom and catharsis are the themes, it feels less about helping others and more about freeing ourselves.

Also, considering the Velvet Room is a prison cell makes it all the more better! I mean, imagine going to your happy place to unlock the secrets of your heart and it turns out, you're just going to jail. Not least because the velvet assistants are twin jail baits.

On top of that, all the introduced characters thus far look really good as well. Ryuji looks like the typical wannabe rule-breaker, Yusuke the artistic one of the group, Morgana the mascot and Ann the waifu. I'm calling it right now, I will waifu Ann. Unless of course, another brilliant character gets introduced then I'll just go for the harem approach.

Ann is main waifu though, just like how Yukari and Rise were main waifus. If she isn't of the Lovers Arcana, I will rage! Oh, and the fact she also looks to have a tsundere personality is a definite win in my book.

I believe that the protagonist should be fully voiced this time around and I don't mean just shouting out his personas. Fortunately, the voice actor (VA) for the protagonist this time around is Jun Fukuyama. Why wouldn't fans want Lelouch voicing their everyday discourse? Though admittedly, in the English version, I want Johnny Yong Bosch again. He should be voicing every protagonist in my opinion.

Considering they've already butchered their whole "silent protagonist, persona of the player charade" by giving names and voices to Yu and Makoto, I don't see why they can't give a voice and name to Harry Potter. Having said that, please don't name him Harry Potter.

Besides that, the gameplay looks fantastic and I absolutely love what they did with the exploration. The new camera angle, dynamic environment and overall bigger scope of, well, EVERYTHING. There's now even stealth in dungeons, platforming, traps, etc. Even the menus are SO stylishly done.

Well folks, I have tons more to talk about regarding the game but let's just stop there for now. I can be a little crazy when it comes to Persona because it is, after all, my favourite game series of all time.

Bye bye!


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