Bandai's New Madoka Magica Gashapon? ~Madoka Magica Soul Gem Dome~

Well, this comes as a little bit of a surprise as Bandai has recently announced a new entry into their Gashapon series entitled ~Madoka Magica Soul Gem Dome~. Slated for release in mid-September and with a play-price of 300 Yen, these new Gashapon toys will shine the spotlight on the character's Soul Gems with a unique gimmick to them. By adding water into the Soul Gems, you will be able to turn the gems into a sparkling kaleidoscope. While we do not know exactly how effective these effects will be, we do know how each of these gems will look like. On top of that, they are fairly large too at 55mm in height or about as big as you would expect a Gashapon toy to be.
Miki Sayaka's Soul Gem
Sakura Kyouko's Soul Gem
Kaname Madoka's Soul Gem
Akemi Homura's Soul Gem
Tomoe Mami's Soul Gem (!!)
While this is not the first Soul Gem merchandise ever made, it is definitely the first with such a unique gimmick such as this. While I am fairly confident the effects are not going to be mind-blowing, I am still infinitely intrigued to observe this novel gimmick. After all, Bandai is anything, are really good at incorporating various gimmicks into their products. And because of that one gimmick factor, I believe these Soul Gems would fetch quite the price on the re-sellers market especially for Mami and Homura's Soul Gems. While 300 Yen is the average price one would expect to pay for a Gashapon, I would not be surprised to see the sought after ones eventually spiking up to 1,000 Yen on the re-sellers market. Although I am generally not a gambling person, I would not mind giving this Gashapon a go especially since all the Soul Gems look good and, rightly so, have individual designs. 

What do you think? Are you keen to try out these new Soul Gem Gashapons or is this just a pass for you? Either way, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!

Additional Information: What are Gashapon(s)?

Simple. They are coin-operated, toy-dispensing, vending machines with a twist of randomization made popular in Japan. Its name is derived from the combination of the Japanese onomatopoeia sounds, Gacha and Pon. Now the question is, are you feeling lucky?


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