SIF Coverage: Medley Festival Round 7 Conclusion

After 10 days of competition, Medley Festival Round 7 has finally come to an end. Here to bring you coverage on this HonoEli Double-SR event, we will be taking a look at the rankings, cutoffs and rewards. Without further ado, let us jump straight into it!

Beginning with the Top 5 spots, we have Eli-sbian taking top spot with a score of 1,277,777 points. Looks like Honoka fans edge out Eli fans on the Top 5 positions despite, an Eli fan taking the top spot.

Moving down to Tier 1, the final qualification spot of 1100th position goes to Minami Kotori (南ことり) with 126,645 points. The Wonderful Rush was real in this event as two days prior to the end, the predicted cutoffs hovered only slightly above 100,000 points. Considering that the final reward, a Green Scouting Ticket, was awarded at 125,000 event points, it was no surprise to see the rise in cutoffs.

Speaking of rise in cutoffs, Tier 2 too experienced a similar "Wonderful Rush" with the final cutoff for 5500th position being 84,970 event points. Similarly, the predicted cutoffs for Tier 2 was just slightly over 71,000 points a few days prior to the end of the event.

To be honest, I had not predicted such an aggressive rush for points near the event. Instead, I simply aimed for sufficient event points to unlock the third copy of SR Steampunk Eli at 100,000 points. As a result, I managed to qualify comfortably in the upper half of Tier 2 at 2102nd position.

The rewards for qualifying for Tier 2 are as shown above. Qualifying for Tier 1 unlocks an additional Green Scouting Ticket and SR Honoka.

Before I jump straight to Honoka, here is a quick look at the event N members starting with Kurobane Sakuya.

Her Cool Attribute and her fancy outfit corresponded with that of Honoka and her Vampire theme.

Next, we have Kujo Seira in a simple pink dress in a Smile attribute.

Idolized, she sports a Steampunk-themed outfit sharing that theme with Eli.

Here we have then, the star of today's show, SR Vampire Honoka. Seen with her adorable plush bat, Honoka sports 3,710 Cool Points at Level 1 with a nifty Perfect Lock skill. High percentage and a long window make this a suitable addition to many Cool teams.

At Level 60, her points rise significantly to 4,540 making Honoka fairly strong despite being un-idolized.

Here is a closer look at Honoka pre-idolized. The plush bat is such a cute addition in my opinion.

As per usual, Special Practice is necessary to idolized any member and always remember to place the higher ranking member in the upper slot.

Successfully complete that and you will have yourself a SR Vampire Honoka in complete idolized form. She ditches her Otonokizaka uniform and plush bat for a much more menacing Count Dracula-esque outfit and a sharp pair of fangs to boot.

Even better still, idolizing Honoka allows you to raise her levels all the way to Level 80 wherein she would have 4,820 Cool Points making her the second most powerful Cool Event SR. Combine that with her great Perfect Lock skill and you have a recipe for a very successful card.

With all the bases covered, here is another closer look at Vampire Honoka before we wrap up Medley Festival Round 7's conclusion. The next event coming for the EN Server will be starting next Monday (12/09) allowing for 4-5 days of rest. When the event finally begins though, you can count on Tiro Finale to bring you in-depth coverage of the event and its happenings. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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