Rare Finds: Mandarake Sapporo (Online)

Having not browsed Mandarake's Online Shop for quite a considerable period of time, I decided to go hunting once again for possible rare gems! Part of the reason behind this sudden impulse was an email notification regarding a Mami merchandise I had not seen before. It is as you see above, a Mami and Kyubey plush mascot by Bandai. Information online was scarce and availability even scarcer, this was perhaps the first time I had seen this Mami plush pop up on Mandarake. And at a reasonable price of 800 Yen, I just had to investigate further!

As a result, I decided to see what else Mandarake's Sapporo store had to offer. Not much in the way of Tomoe Mami but, a quick change of keyword to "Madoka Magica" instead and the results started piling on. On top of the usual generic goods, this notebook immediately caught my eye. A Bebe design stationary set in conjunction with the Rebellion movie! Just like the Mami mascot, this was another find I had not seen before and was definitely high on my "Want-List".

Things got even better when I stumbled upon this super adorable Nagisa tee. A simple white tee with a colorful print in the front, simple yet effective. With a going price of 2,500 Yen, I was strongly considering getting this. What's more, it is available in M Size which means it would not be too large if I do indeed decide to get it.

Then came another search result that did not pop up when I first searched specifically for Tomoe Mami. This deformed figure set by Sega was made to replicate the epic showdown between Homura and Mami in Rebellion. Individually, they are not the rarest of finds and can often be found selling between 1,500-2,000 Yen each. But, bundle together with the special backdrop, now that was something I had only seen a handful of times and often the prices would exceed 5,000 Yen. Here it was, 3,500 Yen for the whole set and I just had to get it!

These next two finds border on the obscure but, are no less under value in terms of rarity. Starting with this Bebe and Kyubey bandana selling for 600 Yen. To be honest, I did not even know about the existence of this. While it is cute and rather affordable, I struggle to find any use for a bandana. Till now, I am still pondering on the decision to get this.

The other, is a more useful rare find albeit, sitting rather low on the "Want-List". A small white towel with the Soul Gems of all the girls, it is selling for a considerable 1,000 Yen. In all honesty, I would most probably leave the final two finds for a purchase on a later date if I had not already disregarded them by now. But, the rest are gems I just cannot afford to miss out on! Shipment incoming, I will have the full coverage on that when it finally arrives at my door step. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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