As said by the alert above, I've just watched the third part to the Tri series and I must say, this is the best I've seen so far. Digimon was always about the interactions and relationships between the Digimon and the Chosen Children, and they nailed it this time around. From the emotional impact of the reboot sequence to Takeru and Patamon's struggle to Tentomon's resolve and finally to the meeting at the end of the movie. Everything was done perfectly and capture the true essence of what Digimon is about and honestly, it's the movie I've been waiting to see this whole time. It basically took them a year to build up to this part but hey, I'll take it.

I also appreciated the progression of the story in this movie. It moved along at a better pace and wasn't filled with a lot of mysteries as before. Meicoomon is obviously still an issue but I doubt her resolution would come any earlier than the final movie. Meiko, on the other hand, got quite annoying in my eyes with that self-depreciating personality of hers. I couldn't even say I felt sorry for her at the end when she arrived too late. I didn't think she could contribute much anyways.

Also, we had a few fun fan servicing too like Takeru and Hikari's moment outside Ken's apartment. Waited 10 years for that! I just wish they'd be more canon with that relationship. It was also fun seeing Yamato's tsundere side and Jo actually being more than a studious nerd. I believe they worked out everyone's personalities well in this.

The best moment for me in the movie was most definitely when Takeru and Patamon embraced in his room. Just hugging until dusk turned to dark. The silence was incredibly loud. Takeru and Patamon are my favourite characters and so I suppose this scene touched me a little more than it should. It would have been more emotional had the story played out the same way the trailer did, with Patamon the only apparent sacrifice. But I suppose it's best never to be alone and this way, we don't feel like any of them is suffering more than the other.

The next Tri movie is titled Soshitsu, which means Loss. A possible prelude into how all of them will cope with the loss of the Digimon's memories and the loss of the present, so to speak. I'm also really on the fence regarding Himekawa. I thought she was evil but then they introduce Gennai (who could be evil too?). Most definitely can't wait for the next movie!

P.S. The Angewomon and HerculesKabuterimon digivolutions!!


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