Figure Wishlist - Figma Celty Sturluson

Here are the numbers, 12 years after its inception and 6 years after the first season of the anime, Durarara's Celty Struluson is finally being turned into a figma. As if a motorcycle ridding, scythe wielding, black-ladder clad, all round bad-ass of a Dullahan needed anymore reason to be made into a figma or so you would think?

More than a year after her Nendoroid was first released by GSC, they are finally taking the next step by immortalizing the sleek black rider as part of their pose-able figma series. But, it will be another it will be another 7 months before she is finally released in April 2017. That is more than half a year from now! 

To top it all off, she is not going to be cheap either. At 5,074 Yen (before tax), the only additional parts included are Celty's scythe, mobile device and smoke effect (for her helmet-less look). Even her iconic black motorcycle/stallion too is missing in action. Probably being saved by GSC for a future separate release? 

Fortunately, Celty does not come included with any pre-order bonus parts that comes with pre-ordering directly from GSC's official online store. What this means is you will be able to pre-order her for a lower price at other online retailers such as Amiami which is offering a 20% discount off the base price to a more manageable 4,340 Yen. 

All of that being said, what warrants Celty graciously falling into the wishlist? For starters, let us take a look at her designation, SP-081. What exactly does that mean? Well, you may or may not have realized the "SP" designation is reserved for "special" figma(s). Simply put, those that do not fit into the traditional mold of characters such as, statues (The Thinker, Venus, etc.) or licensed-crossovers (Dota heroes, Silent Hill enemies, etc.). Whatever it is, the SP designation is one seemingly has increased rarity and, often, fetch a higher price in the re-sellers market. Whether that is due to a lack of popularity initially driving the small quantities in the wild up in price or otherwise is anybody's guess. One thing is for certain though, SP-designated figma(s) are quantifiably rarer. 

But, it is not just all about the rarity as on the surface, no doubt there is quality too. From that sleek and svelte black figure and scythe to that contrasting orange helmet, there is no mistaking the sculpt and detailing that has gone into making figma Celty. Moreover, the manufacturers responsible for figma Celty is not Max Factory as it usually is. Instead, it is done this time by FREEing, another manufacturer under GSC's wing whom I have massive respect for. FREEing's take on proportions never fail to disappoint and the same goes with the figma Celty. After all that is said and done, this is undoubtedly a figma I am looking forward to adding to my collection and the second Celty in it after the Nendoroid that came the year before. 

What about you? Are you excited about the release of figma Celty Sturluson? Or does she not live up to your expectations? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!

Source: Good Smile Company


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