Let's Talk: Final Fantasy XV

I finally got the chance to watch Kingsglaive last week and after the movie ended, I've got to say, I am quite excited for Final Fantasy XV now. I was pretty hyped for it before especially when it still bore the title of Versus XIII. But more recently, after viewing and trying the two demos and from some gameplay footage I've seen, I thought that it looked like a very decent AAA title as opposed to a MUST PLAY NEXT GEN FINAL FANTASY GAME.

The movie set the stage for a lot of things I was either skeptical or confused by. I understood the premise now and I can now feel for the main character. I understand his eventual drive and I understand the lore behind the game. If anything, I enjoyed the characters and even though I won't be seeing some of them in the actual game, I'll at least know that they exist in this world.

Watching Kingsglaive also got me thinking about Brotherhood. I've so far watched all aired episodes of Brotherhood and while the anime was decent as an addition to the game, I never really felt any strong emotional connections to it. I mean sure, they laid out why Prompto is Noctis' friend but the whole thing felt more like a statement rather than a story. But now, with Kingsglaive actually providing an emotional foundation, I can accept their backstories without it feeling too forced.

I guess, after all the advertising, promotions and talk about FFXV, the hype sort of died. At least for me. But I have renewed hype in it and I can't wait to sink hours into the game come its release. Whether or not it'll be good, that remains to be seen. But if there's anything I'm sure of, it's that Final Fantasy XV is indeed a must play next gen Final Fantasy game.


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