Figure Wishlist: Takao Heavy Armament Version

First previewed at this year's Summer Wonder Festival (2016), GSC has finally opened the pre-orders for the newest addition to their Wonderful Hobby Selection series, Takao: Heavy Armament Version. Following the announcement of Atago this year, Takao will serve as the second-half of the Takao Class Heavy Cruisers from the popular browser game Kantai Collection.

This has been a figure I have been wanting to get ever since I saw here side to side with Atago and, now, she is finally up for pre-order! The pre-order window for her is quite wide too stretching all the way from the 1st of September all the way till the 9th of November 2016. This will give potential buyers plenty of time to consider before putting down 12,778 Yen or 17,407 Yen for the Light Armament and Heavy Armament Version respectively. After that, should you order her, there will be another 7 month wait before her official release on July 2017! No doubt that is quite the hefty investment especially if you order from Good Smile Company's Online Shop where there is an additional 2,000 Yen surcharge for shipping. Like Atago, you would most probably have to pre-order from GSC directly as the Heavy Armament Version are sold exclusively by them. Speaking of Atago, the Heavy Armament version of has received a second-release with an identical pre-order period as Takao but, a one month earlier release date (06/2017). 

The un-painted prototypes had me a little on the fence but, having seen the painted final version I am every little bit as impressed as I was with Atago. Undeniably Takao does not have the immediate "Wow-Factor"that Atago possessed with her long flowing blonde locks and fluttering skirt. But, what Takao lacks in impact she makes up for in subtlety. From her scarlet heels and eyes to her tight short skirt, Takao's design is one that definitely invokes presence. If you ever had any doubt about the final product, Max Factory has certainly shattered those fears with another solid entry into the coveted Wonderful Hobby Selection series.

Standing 220mm tall with a 1/8 scale, I can safely say Takao: Heavy Armament Version will be a great addition to any collection especially if you are a fan of the series. The only thing to do now is wait 11 months before she release. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead.

P.S. All image credits go to Good Smile Company. For more information, do check out the following links for:
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  2. Takao Heavy Armament Version
  3. Atago Heavy Armament Version
  4. Good Smile Online Shop
  5. Wonderful Hobby Selection


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