SIF Coverage: Loving You Conclusion

Ten good days has passed since it first began and now, Hanayo's Token Event "Loving You" has come to a conclusion. Over these past week, the competition has been fairly relaxed after the previous few high intensity double-SR events and this is reflected in the tier cutoffs which are all surprisingly low. As usual, at the conclusion to every SIF event, we will be taking a closer look at the rankings, members and rewards. Without further ado, let us jump right into the rankings.

Starting with the Top 5 spots, it is always impressive to see the scores that these dedicated players manage to achieve. This time around, something really rare happened with the top 3 spots being a tie at 650,000 event points. Again, how these players manage to end on such a perfect round number is completely beyond me. Still, very impressive efforts from everyone in the top spots with their unyielding dedication to Hanayo.

Next up, we have Tier 1 which cuts off at the Top 1100 positions. The final Tier 1 position this time around goes to gigashame with 46,882 points. This is likely one of the lower Tier 1 cutoffs in a while with there still being one more event reward (Scouting Ticket) to be unlocked at 50,000 points.

Tier 2 sees at similar pattern with the final 5500th position going to poi~ at 25,717 points. Not only is this slightly lower than initially estimated, the decision to stop at this amount of points does seem rather questionable. With multiple Love Gems offered as subsequent event rewards above 25,000 points, I am rather surprised to see the cutoff this low. Probably everyone is a little weary from the past few events?

As for me, I managed to qualify within Tier 2 for both Event Point and Event Song Ranking at Rank 2227 and 4607 respectively. The Event Song Ranking was quite a close call for me as I still am not used to proficiently playing EX songs with that many notes.

Before we jump into showcasing the idolized SR Hanayo, here is a quick look at the Event N Card, Kadota Tsurugi. Here she is in un-idolized form and;

Here again in idolized form.

Now, onto the idolization process which involves the Special Practice blender. As always, make sure to position the higher ranked Hanayo (or any other member for that matter) in the upper slot to ensure you keep your level progression.

Successfully complete that and you would unlock the lovely demure SR Moon Viewing Hanayo complete in full formal Japanese-wear.

At Level 80, this Cool attribute SR Hanayo jumps modestly to 4,760 Cool Points, up from 4,480 Cool Points at Level 60. This rise is enough to make Hanayo the 6th best Event Cool SR thus far and a valuable addition to any player's team.

Once again, here is a closer look at Hanayo. There is so much to love about this design from the intricate traditional Japanese garb to the beautiful fan. The Moon Viewing designs have always been one of the most elegant and I am very happy to finally have one in my collection. Pretty soon, we will have Nico and Honoka joining us to in a future event. Probably next year?

To wrap things all up, here is a quick reminder that several new EX songs have been actively added to the roster. The latest addition today post-update is Koi no Signal Rin Rin Rin! which first appeared in a Rin SIF Event. I never managed to perfectly master this song and with some time before the next event, I will be working on getting it right this time. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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