SIF Coverage - SR Steampunk Eli

Hello and welcome to another edition of SIF Coverage! Today, we will be taking a look at the first SR obtainable in Medley Festival Round 7, SR Steampunk Eli. Because of the new double-SR format, we will have the chance to take a look at Eli-chan pre-idolized (Level 60) and idolized (Level 80). Without wasting anymore time, let us get straight into it.

A good tip to prevent yourself from accidentally losing your important members is by relegating them to the Present Box. This can be done by ensuring you have a full inventory of members where any and every additional member thereafter will be sent to the Present Box. This allows for simpler management of both your members and inventory space.

That aside, we can now focus on our star of the show, Steampunk Eli.

Here she is at Level 1, sporting a Smile Attribute and 3,590 Smile Points. Her card skill "Movie Star" is a Score Boost type skill with a high percentage to occur but, low score boost and a reliance on getting Perfect notes. Hence, this skill type would be more suited to more skilled players if you intend to get the most out of her skill.

At Level 60, her Smile Points rise rather significantly to 4,420 Smile Points. This is where most event Smile SRs hover at for Level 60. It is not a particularly high score and would mostly benefit newer players. If kept un-idolized, most players would be hard-pressed to keep her in their Smile teams despite the lovely design.

As mentioned previously, Steampunk Eli can be unlocked up till 3 times by earning 25,000 , 60,000 and 100,000 event points respectively. In order to idolize her, you will only need to hit 60,000 event points as that is when you will unlock two identical copies of her. Achieve that and you can throw Eli into the Special Practice blender to unlock great idolized bonuses.

The base (un-idolized) Eli definitely adhered to the Steampunk-theme well but, the idolized version just takes it one step further with a lovely green, white and brown dress. The obligatory Steampunk googles and random gears also make an appearance which reminds you of the outfit's theme in case you ever forget.

Ramp Eli up to Level 80 and her stats rise all the way to 4,700 Smile Points making her the 12th best event Smile SR and 30th best Smile SR overall. Points wise then, it is not too remarkable of a feat but, as I am sure for most, the goal of unlocking idolized Steampunk Eli is mostly for that awesome design.

Here is a closer look at the idolized Steampunk Eli. I am sure Eli fans all over the EN Server are happy with this one.

With that, we come to a close for this week's SIF coverage on Tiro Finale. Next week, we will be taking a look at the event's conclusion including coverage on the aftermath and SR Vampire Honoka. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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