Figure Wishlist: Future Mami Figures (Part 2)

Surely, you did not think the previous list was sufficient enough to cure my hunger for new Mami figures. Off the back of my head, I can at least think of another additional five original designs that need to be immortalized into figure form. In fact, that is exactly what I will be doing in this addition of Future Mami Figure Part 2!

1. Winter Valentine's Mami
Starting off with a design that has been in the wild for quite a while now, it is the Winter Valentine's outfits. Designed in collaboration with Snow Miku's yearly Snow Festival celebration, 2015 saw a collaboration between Madoka Magica and Hatsune Miku. The year after that, it was Love Live's turn for the collaboration. Nevertheless, these original designs have not been relegated to obscurity as of yet. What limited merchandise made of it now sells for a very high price hinting at the possible demand for more. Adorned in white fluffy winter coats and accessories which match their character color, what is there not to like about these designs? Especially Mami looking cheerfully on at the usual hyper-active Bebe!
2. Pajamas Mami
Speaking of old designs, this is another which goes way back to the start of the series before even the release of the movies. As a post-series merchandise, this original design just drove home the "couples" concept and "Forever-Alone" Mami to a whole new level. Remember, this was pre-Nagisa and with the reveal of the new Magiccraft III Kuji using a pajamas theme as well, we could likely be seeing this concept realized as figures. Be it the original design or the newly introduced ones, I hope at least one of them would be made into figures. Even better still, both of them.

3. Rebellion Movie White Dress Mami
A series of original designs debut after the Rebellion movie's release showcasing all the girls in elegant white dresses, this was perhaps one of the most painful original designs to ever be revealed. Why? For all that effort, only minor merchandise were ever made from these set of designs namely clear files and rubber straps. Which is a real shame considering that this is very likely the most elegant designs ever for the Madoka Magica franchise. Sure, it may be a slight departure from the show's tone but, there is absolutely denying that all the girls look stunning in these white dresses. The fantastical elegance of the plain white dress juxtaposed against their deadly weapons was quite practically a concept unlike any other. 

4. Madoka Magica Kuji Green Dress Mami
Another set of original designs that were put to absolute waste was the first post-movie Kuji designs. Every single member was given lovely formal dresses with different hairstyles, Nagisa included! Ultimately, the most that ever came of it were posters which have now been relegated to the 300 Yen price point. While I will not claim it to be the strongest of the original designs, it had its unique points which would have certainly made for great figures. Pity then, that we would most likely never see them as figures.

5. Easter Mami
Lawson gets it right. Every time. Sure, it is common to see Lawson collaborating with various anime series for cross-promotional products but, none put forth original designs quite like those seen with the Madoka Magica series. Often times, the collaboration would be limited to the characters wearing Lawson's official blue and white stripped outfit. But, with the Easter collaboration, it was taken one step further, showcasing whole new Easter inspired dresses. Love Gems as Easter Eggs? Even Bebe is featured in it too!

At the end of the day, I realize the chances of these concepts ever being made into figures are slim to none. Nevertheless, it is important to hold on to the hope. Why? For two simple reasons really. One, because figures have been made from simpler concepts before, Bath Towel Mami. Two, great concepts are never forgotten, (the upcoming) Nendoroid Mami Maiko version. So, who is to say these would not make it? With that final thought, comes a close to this self-indulgent figure wishlist of mine. Thank you so much for reading and I would love to know which figures you would like to see in the future. Let me know in the comments section below and, until the next time, have a great day!


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