September Haul - Rarities from Sapporo

My shipment from Mandarake Sapporo has finally arrived and with it comes all the rare goodies that I have been looking forward to. Out of all of my hauls thus far, this has to be the most unique and varied one of them all. Upon grabbing the parcel from the post office, I was immediately surprised by just how large the box was. Did I actually order that many things?

Popping the box open, I am immediately reminded that I had actually bought three figures after all. It just happened to be bundle as one product causing the spatial confusion in my mind. As for the weight? Well, I do not have an accurate scale with me but, written on the box were the words 1.58 kg. So, not quite the "up to 1.75 kg" that I had been quoted. Still, that was a problem of the past as I managed to receive my purchases in good, sound condition. Time to take them out of the box!

The first, was the Mami and Kyubey plush by Bandai. I did not know what to make of Mami from the photos. But, I can safely say it does indeed look much better and cuter in real life. I have mixed feelings about Kyubey, as always, but it came included with the package.

Second on the list was my first ever Nagisa T-shirt. It is a simple white tee with a chibi-Nagisa printed on it. Fortunately, the print is fairly high resolution and the quality does not seem to be too bad. The least you can expect from an official Aniplex product I suppose?

The oddest entry of my entire haul has to be this Bebe Stationery Set. A notebook, pen and eraser are all included as part of the set with a heavy emphasis on the Bebe motif. It is extremely unique considering its vacuum packaging! Honestly, I do not know if I would ever be opening it.

Lastly, we have the bulk of my shipment in the form of Sega's AG Mami, Bebe and Homura figures. These three can be lined up and posed together as part of a diorama to emulate the epic fight scene in the Rebellion movie. The backdrop is all provided as a separate piece of cardboard. Really glad to finally add this to my collection and this also happens to be my first Homura figure. And that is all, really. Because of the steep shipping rates, I do not foresee myself shipping over any new merchandise over the next month or two. But, rest assured, I do have a whole host of premium figures lined-up in the future. Until next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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