SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 21 Begins

The major Aqours Update (4.0) went live just a few days ago bringing with it a huge wave of changes, most notably the official addition of Aqours to SIF gameplay. With the anime (which I have yet to watch) just having ended, it would make sense for KLab to be fast forwarding the update and event schedule to capitalize on the current popularity of the series. Together with the new update, we have our first "official" Aqours event in the form of a Ruby-Dia Score Match Round 21. 

Now that the Aqours update has gone live, all subsequent events will be a double-SR event in order to balance the alternating fashion between a Muse and Aqours event. Will Muse eventually be phased out in favor of a continuous Aqours event schedule? Possibly but, it is something I would rather not think about at this moment despite it being the most realistic scenario. Instead, let us shift the spotlight on the two Kuroawa sisters that are the featured members of this event! 

Following the new double-SR format, event SR(s) are now unlocked via collecting Event Points and accumulating a certain Event Ranking. In this case, it is Ruby via Event Points and Dia via Event Rankings. Up to three copies of Ruby's event SR can be unlocked just via Event Points alone. The first copy at 25,000 points, the second at 60,000 points and;

The third at 100,000 points! Talk about overkill. If you indeed aiming for three copies of Ruby, the amount of Event Points accumulated alone would most certainly put you comfortably in the running for Tier 1 (Top 1100 positions). 

In which case, you would also unlock three copies of SR Dia rationalizing the high Event Point requirement to unlock the third Ruby. The sisters will be in separate attributes, Dia in Cool and Ruby in Pure but, both share the same theme which is Tanabata. Although the actual Tanabata festival has long passed, they are still very lovely sets first introduced in this event. On top of that, the SR Tanabata Ruby is quite an amazing card too in terms of stats! More about that in future releases of SIF Coverage. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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