SIF Coverage - SR Moon Viewing Hanyo

With just a few days left to go, we are nearing the end of Hanayo's Loving You Token Event. So, far the event has been rather subdued as you would expect after a string of double-SR events. Still, the change of pace is most certainly welcomed as we commemorate the Mid-Autumn/Moon Viewing Festival in this event.

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the un-idolized SR Moon Viewing Hanayo. Players will unlock the first copy upon obtaining 11,000 Event Points. Subsequent copies, used for idolization, can be then unlocked by qualifying within the Top 5500 positions. 

In case you are unable to find your SR Hanayo, make sure to check your present box where all additional group members are placed when your inventory is full. Speaking of full inventories, my Present Box is starting to get a little unmanageable as of late.

Here she is in all her Dango and Rice glory, SR Moon Viewing Hanyo. After all, it can not be Hanayo without rice can it? At Level 1, this Cool Attribute Hanayo has 3,650 Cool Points with a high percentage (43%) Score Boost skill. 

Un-idolized, players will be able to improve her till Rank 60 where her stats improve significantly to 4,480 Cool Points. Still, this is not a very high number with most un-idolized Cool Event SR(s) sitting around this figure too. 

Personally, I think the biggest charm in the Moon Viewing Hanayo lies in her design. Something I am sure many players aiming to tier for the event, have in mind too. Even when un-idolized, Hanayo is extremely cute and demure with the surrounding props (rice vase and dango) added as a nod to her personality. Things take a big shift when she is finally idolized switching out to a whole different outfit but, that is for another time's coverage.

Hmm... Tempting...
So there we have it, a quick look at this event's SR Hanayo. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the event where we will be taking a look at both the results and the fully idolized Hanayo from this event. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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