Figure Wishlist - Super Sonico: Racing Ver.

It has been quite a while since the last time I did an article on Super Sonico. To be exact, the last time I actually did one was back in April this year. In the 5 months that have passed, my love for Sonico has not waned or anything of that sorts rather, I have just been keeping it at bay while I focus on other matters. Today though, I will be shining the spotlight on one very special Sonico figure that has been on my wishlist ever since its conceptualization, Super Sonico: Racing Version. Now, before I begin this article, keep in mind that the official pre-orders from Good Smile Company's Online Shop for this has closed since the 29th of June 2016. But, she is still readily available from other online retailers such as, Amiami.

First seen in episode 10 of the Super Sonico anime, we have Sonico donning the Racing Miku supporters outfit and sporting a similar haircut to Miku herself. Ever since then, I have been really hoping for a scale figure of Racing Sonico.When I finally found out that Max Factory was going to do it, I was excited to say the least. What more, it was going to be in 1/7 scale making it one of the larger scale figures of Sonico in recent releases!

Slated for a January 2017 release, Sonico Racing Version is set to retail for 13,704 Yen which, in my opinion, is a fair price. There might not be much in the way of intricacies, diorama or additional parts. But, it more than makes up for it with the materials and coloring. Clever use of clear plastics combined with the usual matte and gloss finish PVC makes for a really stand out figurine. To top it all off, this has to be one of the best iteration of Sonico's hair I have ever seen. Perfectly sculpted with a matte faded pink finish, it is spot-on perfect!

Another reason I am really looking forward to this Sonico scale figure is quite simple really and that is Sonico's body proportions. Instead of the usual slim and busty look that some manufacturers go with, Max Factory has decided to stick with Santa Tsuji's (the original designer of Super Sonico) proportions making Sonico noticeable curvier and rounder around the edges. This was one of the original charm points of Sonico for me and the decision to emulate it just lends the figure that much more credential. 

There is no doubt Sonico's outfit is really revealing everywhere from the top to the bottom. But, as Kahotan rightfully mentioned, Sonico's innocent expression just serves as such as stark contrast point making the figure all the more interesting. Now, the reason I have yet to pre-order her is much to do with the fact that there are no GSC exclusive parts included when ordering from them. Hence, I have been taking my time to survey for the best online retailer to order from. Rest assured though, come January 2017, this will most certainly be a new addition to my collection. 

Alright, that is all for today's quick entry into my figure wishlist. Perhaps from here on I should devote a little more time to Sonico content? Either way, thank you so much for reading. Until the next time, have a great day ahead!

P.S. All image credits go to Good Smile Company, please be sure to visit their official website!


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