SIF Coverage: Loving You! Token Event

After a 3 hour maintenance delay, SIF's latest Token Event, Loving You!, has finally begun. Over the next 10 days spanning the 12th to the 21st of September, we will be shining the spotlight on the lovely Hanayo. No double-SR event this time around as the nature and mechanics of Token Events make it difficult to merge two of them together to form a single event. What this does mean is that we, the players, will get a short break from the usual hectic event that have been going on over the past few months. 

Jumping straight into the rewards, we can see that SR Hanayo will be unlocked upon obtaining 11,000 Event Points. The SR Hanayo in question this time around is the, much awaited, SR Moon Viewing Hanayo. She may not look like much un-idolized but, turns into an absolute stunner once idolized. More about that in the future coverage.

As usual, additional copies used for idolization are unlocked solely by the means of qualifying in the upper tiers. More specifically, Tier 1 at the Top 1100 positions and Tier 2 at the Top 5500 positions. Notice how there are no Scouting Tickets given out as rewards for Tier 2 and above? That is something I have always found weird about Token Events.

The best way to obtain your Scouting Tickets is by getting a high score in the Event Song. But, ever since the merger with the Korean Server occured, this has become even harder. Play as well as you possibly can but, you would still often only find yourself at Tier 2 and below. Tier 1 is, unfortunately, reserved for teams with multiple-UR members. 

The event song, Suki desu ga Suki desu ka? is a pretty well known duet featuring Hanayo and Kotori. Following the new format, EX difficulty songs are available from the beginning of the event. Tokens for this event are "Fans" collected by completing Lives on any difficulty. While I have not played the event song myself, I cannot say I am looking forward to it as 10 Stars and 596 notes on EX difficulty sounds like a challenge to consistently score a Full Combo. Oh, well, time to work hard!

Lastly, let us not forget, today is Kotori's Birthday! All players receive 5 Love Gemsas a Login Bonus and special wishes for Kotori by all the other members of Muse. With that, today's SIF coverage comes to an end. Make sure to stay tuned for all the latest SIF news. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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