Figure Wishlist - Super Sonico Holy Girl Concept Figure

In my previous Figure Wishlist, I shone the spotlight on Sonico having left her out of Tiro Finale for a while. Today, we have not one, but two new Sonico figures being added to the wishlist. Two? You may ask. Well, read on to find out more.

It is no secret that I have always been fond of prize figures. Their affordability to quality ratio has always been one of the biggest attraction factors for me and, in my opinion, they are a great way to start or expand one's collection at a low cost. Of course, low cost does often equate to lower quality but, that is not always the case with all prize figures. Some, like those made by FuRyu, cut cost by using simpler poses, base and outfits yet not compromise on the things that matter such as coloring, sculpt and detailing.

Which brings me to today's featured Super Sonico figure, Furyu's Super Sonico Holy Girl Concept Figure. If you have been keeping a close eye on Sonico prize figures for a while, you would have known that FuRyu's current rotation of Sonico's figures include what they call "Concept Figure". Put simply, it is Sonico cosplaying various fantastical character types such as Snow White, Queen of Heart, Little Mermaid and, most recently, a Unicorn.

Their attention now, of course, has shifted to a nun Holy Girl Concept because, what else could it be right? Jokes aside, this has been a figure I have been looking forward to ever since I saw the unpainted production prototype. But, neglecting to follow up, Sonico has since, not only been shown fully painted but, released into the market as well! A 23rd of August release to be exact making me a month's late to the party. 

Nevertheless, being late to the party means that there has been ample opportunity for more pictures to pop up online featuring the actual product rather than promotional images (as are the ones I am using at the moment). Having always been a big fan of FuRyu's Sonico figures, I can safely say that I am really happy with the final product. I just hope mine does not have any manufacturing defects when I do finally get my hands on her.

Not forgetting the elephant in the room, there is the matter of Sonico's outfit which no matter how you look at it is clearly based of a nun's outfit albeit being turned up to 11 in the erotic department. With its cleavage revealing, skin hugging tightness to the hyper short hem of her dress, this is certainly one of Sonico's most erotic outfits especially considering the reference material.

Some fans would have preferred Sonico with stockings (preferably black) on to complement the entire outfit. Somehow though, I actually prefer it as it is seeing as it is a nice change of pace from her usual design. On top of that, this also give FuRyu a chance to show of Sonico's long legs and curvy thighs. 

All that talk about nun Holy Girl Soncio yet, I have not mentioned the price thus far and that is for a good reason. Being a prize figure, there are no set prices for these figures as you are often expected to win them in the arcade. But, such is no longer the case with many retailers offering them as is. The question is then, how much would you have to expect to pay for this lovely Sonico? Well, from what I have observed thus far, ~1,500-1,800 Yen is what most re-sellers charge for one. But, go for two and you would be looking at somewhere closer ~3,000 Yen. Which bring me back to the beginning where I mentioned 2 Sonico(s), what is the second one?

Well, here it is. Holy Girl Sonico in metallic blue! Lovely is she not? In fact, this was my first choice if I only had to pick one. But, seeing as how she is sold for 3,000 Yen for the pair, I am most certainly getting them both! Ever since Unicorn Sonico debuted with a metallic alternate version, FuRyu has made it a point to produce one for every upcoming Sonico figure and I am glad they did. The simple color swap makes such a big difference and serves to highlight Sonico's curves even more compared to the matte black outfit. Either way, I am really excited to add these Sonico(s) to the collection as my Sonico fever continues. You can be certain this is not the last you would have heard about Sonico on Tiro Finale as I will be covering more about her throughout this whole week. Until then, thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day ahead!

Source: Dengeki Hobby


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