Birthday Gifts

I like gifts especially when they come as pleasant surprises. Recently, my friends and fellow writers were kind enough to get me not one but, two birthday gifts! Having gotten myself a rather unexpected gift last year and something that had been long on my wish-list this year, I figured I had pretty much seen it all. Until I unwrapped this year's gift that is!

First up, was this huge Nozomi Nesoberi plush.

This particular one was made in conjunction with the School Idol Festival mobile game.

And it was not just any ordinary sized Nozomi but, a Jumbo sized one!

Best of all, this Nozomi plush had on a set of pajamas over the usual School Idol/Uniforms.

Next up, were a set of miniature dishes.

These have been really popular with figure photographers especially when posing with Nendoroid(s) and Figma(s).

While I have not used any before, I am looking forward to experimenting with them!

Another eventful year from the looks of it as Tiro Finale continues to grow. Rest assured I would be bringing an in-depth look at each of these new additions to my collection with the Nesoberi Nozomi coming soon. Until then, that has been all for this quick Tiro Finale update and you have yourself a great day ahead!


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