Mami in Action #06

Mami in Action #06 - Explosion!!!

Bang! Just like that, Mami is back in action. This time, featuring some serious firepower in the form of an M32 MGL grenade launcher. With the capability to fire up to 6 grenades of various types in continuous succession, the M32 MGL is a true force to be reckon with! Now, let us find out what Mami thinks of this devastating explosive firearm.
Unlike the other Little Armory firearms which usually come molded in all black, the M32 MGL is molded in brown and black. But just like the other firearms in the Little Armory series, the M32 MGL comes with a whole host of tactical accessories such as, vertical grips, optical sighs and a telescopic stock. The addition of the Picatinny rails also allow for addition of other tactical equipment from other guns, neat!

The M32 MGL strikes a very imposing figure when coupled together with Mami.

Mami looks so bad-ass!!!

Aside from its length, the M32 MGL has significant volume too especially with the presence of the 6-chamber magazine.

Despite its size, the M32 MGL was never too heavy or cumbersome making it easily held with one hand.

The shorter stock also makes aiming poses relatively easy.

At shoulder height, the optical sights line up perfectly at eye level.

An optional part included is another identical optical sight tilted at a different angle.

As the vertical grip and optical sights are mounted on Picatinny rails, they slide on and off easily and are entirely optional.

The accessories mount fairly securely onto the launcher. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the grip with the hands.

Some form of adhesive is highly recommended to help keep the M32 MGL in place.

Once you overcome all these hurdles, the M32 MGL is actually a surprisingly easy weapon to pose with.

Much of this can be attributed to the butt-stock which is not intrusive in terms of length.

For the most part, the construct is fairly good too with many parts not necessitating the use of plastic cement to hold them together.

While I would have preferred more accessories, the current combination is good too. Especially when you consider the number of grenades included!

Firing from the hip!

So, what does Mami think of the M32 MGL?

She certainly likes it!
A very imposing grenade launcher, that is one way to describe the M32 MGL. Together with all its tactical accessories, Tomytec has once again done a stand out job at presenting this in 1/12 scale with superb detail and quality. Without hesitation, the M32 MGL is definitely a must have for any Little Armory collector looking to arm their existing Figma(s) to the teeth.

Mami certainly enjoyed it too! For now, that has been all for this addition of Mami in Action. For more like this, make sure to check them out here. Stay tuned for future additions to the series and feel free to pop any questions you may have in the comments section below. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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