KonoSuba S2 Episode 10!

And so, it is with deep regret that I write about the last episode of the second season of KonoSuba. Not deep regret because of the writing. But deep regret knowing that this is the last (fingers crossed for a Season 3). Sure, I read the light novels so I'm way on top of things but KonoSuba is just great. Not having this greatness in my life is bad enough but now I have to write about it? It just keeps piling on.

This episode changed quite a lot from the light novel's path. To be fair, I should have seen it coming since last week's episode but I'd simply assumed a different albeit similar approach. So, because of the large difference, I'll be listing all the differences from the get-go.


Initially, Kazuma supposedly didn't want to help Aqua solve the issue of the hot springs. In the light novels, this issue is drawn out more so you actually felt that Aqua spent quite a while investigating everything and Kazuma, already fully aware that this might be some Devil King plan, wanted to stay away. But through encouragement and seeing the way Aqua was treated by the public, they decided to investigate the source. That then leads to Kazuma running away again when he finds out that Hans was indeed a Devil King General. So at least that part is the same. Also, the mob didn't join them up on the mountain. I doubt there was even a mob as much as just an angry crowd to begin with.

Another thing was that they actually had two encounters with Hans, one like in the anime and the final battle took place after that, at another source further up the mountain. The first encounter did indeed result in Wiz's anger lashing out and Hans cutting his hand off. He then ran off and they followed him for the final battle.

In the final battle, Aqua spends the battle purifying the source, Darkness acted as a shield to the party and Megumin launches Explosion followed by Wiz freezing all the remnants of the slime, thereby turning it into a stardust shower as opposed to a poison shower. Kazuma didn't really contribute much aside from the strategy and that he allowed Wiz to drain his mana. See, Wiz was also supporting Aqua with some magic which meant that she needed extra juice to use her freezing spell. And, that's how they defeated Hans in the light novel. No one dies and Aqua didn't actually contribute to the battle directly but she was indeed the saviour of the town and her selflessness and love for her people is spot on correct.

There's also an epilogue which I reckon is very important to have been included (though I suppose not, since the entire mob witnessed her divinity in the anime). Basically, in the novel, the epilogue shows that the leader of the Axis Church in the town realised that Aqua was, in fact, their Goddess. He then vows to support this blue-haired woman because praise be to Aqua! This comes into play in Volume 8 where Cecily is introduced to the mainline story (she first appears in the spin-off novels, which came out before Volume 8).

I could also mention another epilogue that leads into Volume 5 of the novels but at this point, it doesn't matter. If they want to do a Season 3, they'll just put it in there. If you do want to know, refer to the caption below!

I-I-I want to have Kazuma's children!

Now, what do I like about the anime specifically? Well, Wiz's badassery was pretty damn cool and Megumin charging in while chanting was also a neat thing. And Aqua, oh boy, her badassery just went off the charts. They got her devotion and love for her people right and they also got gave her a good retribution moment to boot. The super detailed animation/art coupled alongside the commandments of the Axis cult. Well done! The epilogue I mentioned would have sealed the deal but alas, the source material will always be superior.

All in all, it was a satisfying end to Season 2. It was less comedy this time around in favour of going out with a bang and then a nice, peaceful moment. Can't say I blame them. While this may be the end for most, I'd highly recommend you check out the light novels. Volume 1 has been officially translated and released so get that please! I recently got myself a copy as well and I'll probably be doing a post about that and my other light novels in the future. Well then, till next time, may God bless this wonderful world!


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