Upcoming KonoSuba Figures

In conjunction with the release of Season 2 of KonoSuba's anime, several figures of this popular series was announced and released together with it. While most of may know about the more mainstream released such as Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Aqua (Season 1), Megumin (Season 2) and Darkness (pre-orders coming soon), there are many other manufacturers who hold a stake in producing KonoSuba figures too. These companies include, Sega, Bandai, FREEing and Bellfine (the first company to manufacture KonoSuba scale figures). Here are the list of upcoming KonoSuba figures from said companies.

We start off with Sega which has revealed (and launched) three new KonoSuba figures as part of their PM Figure series. Megumin was the first to be unveiled and subsequently released in late January 2017.

Meanwhile, Aqua and Darkness were released early in March 2017. Sega's decision to go with these three are fairly straightforward and will no doubt sell well. If the promotional pictures are anything to go by, the quality and detailing promise to be quite good as well.

Seeing as to how these are prize figures. their prices should be fairly low too. When hype and excitement for the second season finally settles down, I predict prices should not exceed 2,000 Yen for each one. Maybe Megumin and Aqua would cost a little more than Darkness but, nothing too significant.

Bandai has gone down a similar route as Sega by introducing the three heroines as part of their Chara Portraits figure series. Bandai are not know for producing figures as their Banpresto arm usually sorts that out. Every now and then they do though and this is one such occasion.

Designated as Trading Figures, Bandai's KonoSuba figures will retail for 6,000 Yen with a June release date. That sum may sound like a lot to pay for a trading figure. But when you consider how much scale figures are selling for these days, such a price does not sound too bad after all.

Moreover, Bandai is clearly demonstrating some high quality manufacturing techniques. Namely Aqua with her clear blue hair and clear purple skirt.

Darkness, on the other hand, has a more restrained and powerful look with her large sword.

Moving way way up the price point, we have FREEing's Bunny Aqua and Megumin. Both were revealed in Wonder Festival Winter 2017 and, recently, have been displayed in full color. What makess FREEing's Bunny Series so unique is the massive 1/4 scale and use of real fishnet stockings. Expect prices to be well over 20,000 Yen. Reactions to these figures have been mixed but, in my opinion, a really special buy especially if Aqua/Megumin is your favorite character.

Edit: Pre-orders are now up for Aqua and Megumin.

Next up, we have Bell Fine who after their release of Aqua, Megumin and Darkness have progressed to Eris and Yunyun. This makes Bellfine not only the first company to produce KonoSuba scale figures but also, the first company to produce the side characters as scale figures.

Staying ahead of the curve, this new company is a safe bet for those of you considering to get them especially after they did a good job with Aqua, Megumin and Darkness. So far, no release date and pricing announced. With these two revealed, will Wiz finally be next?

Well, that is all for the upcoming KonoSuba figures. As the series progresses, I sure hope more figure of various characters will be announced. What about you? Are you excited for the release of these new KonoSuba figures or were you expecting something else? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to any of the photos in this post, they are taken from various sources and all right belong to the original owner of the image. Usage of these images are solely for informative purposes pertaining upcoming releases. 

Bonus Image: Sonico x KonoSuba!!!


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