SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 10

A new event, Medley Festival Round 10, has finally begun on SIF's EN Server. The event will run for 11 days from the 17th till the 27th of March with the spotlight this time being on Honoka. Together with this event are several small changes to the event's mechanics and prizes.
The "Completion Reward" system remains the same with players unlocking rewards by accumulating Event Points throughout the event. At 25,000 Event Points, players will receive the Event SR Sweets Honoka.
Meanwhile, "Event Ranking Reward" remain the same too with Tier 1 being the top 1100 position and Tier 2 the top 5500 positions. Qualifying within Tier 2 is essential for players who aim to idolize their SR Sweets Honoka without the use of Stickers.
One new addition introduced in the previous Challenge Festival is the "Song Ranking Reward" which rewards players with various Stickers.
The "Song Ranking Reward" is determined by the cumulative score of a single Medley Festival run. The higher your score, the higher your position and the better your reward. Till today, I have mixed feelings about this category as it appears to reward a more "Pay-to-Win" approach to the game.

Another change is the option to "Reselect Songs" within a single Medley Live by paying 50,000 Credits. Some players may opt to do this if there are certain songs that they do not like or has a tendency to break their combo.

Lastly, there is the addition of "Support Bonus Confirmed" to the Special Effects which guarantees a friend comes to your aid with each song. These three changes are all done in effort to make the Events more interesting while encouraging players to spend more. Hate it or love it, these changes will likely stay for the time being. 

Next time, we will be taking a closer look at the un-idolized SR Sweets Honoka. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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