Mami in Action #05.5

Mami in Action #05.5 - Go With a Bang!

Mami in Action is back! This time, Mami is re-arming herself with not just a higher caliber firearm but, she will be now packing literal high explosives. Today, we will be taking a closer look at Tomytec's Little Armory M32 MGL grenade launcher and add some much needed firepower to Mami's arsenal. The things you will need for this operation are as follows.

1. Tomytec Little Armory M32 MGL
Designated code LA013, this is the thirteenth addition of 1/12 scale military firearms to the Little Armory series. Despite its unique stature, this is not the only high explosives firearm in the Little Armory series as the M79 and M202 A1 are also part of the series. Despite being one of the earlier releases, the M32 MGL remains to be one of the more popular options meaning Tomytec continues to produce these till date and they can be found fairly easily.

2. Hobby Cutter
Any hobby cutter will do the job just fine. Obviously more expensive cutters will produce less of a nip-mark but, even average cutters (like my GodHand Keroro Nipper) do a very competent job. But, I must insist that you use hobby cutters as traditional cutters may end up damaging the parts and runners which is the last thing you want to do!

3. Plastic Cement + Auxiliary Tools
Do not let pictures and fool you, plastic cement is absolutely essential for building any Little Armory firearm. The plastic cast is good with very accurately reproduced details but, the fit is often the biggest let down factor. As such, plastic cement is essential to glue the various components together and keep them in one steady, solid piece. Auxiliary tools such as scissors and a blade are useful for opening the plastic packages but, are not required in the building process.

Inside, you will find the manual for building this highly detailed 1/12 grenade launcher.

Instructions are enclosed within and are entirely in Japanese but, require no knowledge of reading Japanese as the instructions are clear enough. Similar to Bandai's Gunplan if you will. The instructions cover the steps to build the main grenade launcher itself and the additional accessories.

There are 5 runners in total with one runner dedicated to just grenades! Altogether, there are just two colors, gray and brown.

Together with the manual, this one came with a little extra pamphlet detailing additional steps to build the firearms and all the releases in the Little Armory series thus far.

See? Plastic cement is needed!

Snap the parts together and voila! You have your own M32 MGL grenade launcher.

Next time, Mami will be putting the new M32 MGL to the test. Will she like it? What will she think about it? Stay tuned to find out! Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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