Mami in Action #06.5

Mami in Action #06.5 - Reload

It is time to reload and rearm as we prepare for another addition to Mami in Action. This time, we will be shifting from Tomytec's Little Armory series to Platz's Realistic Weapon Series. What items will we need for this arsenal upgrade? Read on to find out!

1. Platz Realistic Weapon Series, Realistic Rifles
Retailing for 1,960 Yen, Platz's miniature rifles may sound expensive when initially compared to Tomytec's Little Armory. But when you realize there are 3 types of rifles and 2 pieces each of every rifle, you begin to realize the immense value Platz offers.

More specifically, we will be taking a look at the modern and reliable workhorse, the M4A1 carbine. We have featured the Mk18 Mod 0 previously on Mami in Action but, the M4A1 carbine will be an even longer barreled variant of the M16 family of assault rifles.

2. Hobby Cutter
Anyone will do as long as it is not blunt. For today's operation, I will be using a Tamiya hobby cutter which has proven to be reliable with clean cuts consistently.

3. Plastic Cement
Plastic cement is a must for the miniature firearms especially for Platz's as we will find out in a bit.

4. Hobby Blade
Really only necessary for opening the box's package. Everything else can be opened with relative ease as all the runners are packed in a single plastic bag sealed with adhesive.

Carefully opening the box from the bottom, you have two main packages, the parts runners and the manual. The runners are entirely in black while the manual too is entirely in black and white. 

I was initially surprised as the small number of runners provided, only to find out shortly after why. Platz has opted for a single cast of the M4A1's main body with only additional parts for the barrel grip and flash suppressor. This makes for really fast building! Keep in mind that plastic cement is absolutely necessary to mount the barrel grip. Otherwise, it is just a matter of cutting the gates and assembling 3 parts. Like every other Japanese plastic model, the manual is almost entirely in Japanese. Fortunately, no understanding of Japanese is required as the instructions are extremely clear on building it. 

Put together, the Platz's M4A1 looks immediately identifiable to an M4A1 with (visually) accurate proportions and good detailing. While I would confer that the Little Armory rifles still have better detailing, Platz's ones are still really good!

In the next addition of Mami in Action, we will be taking a closer look at Mami's opinion of the M4A1. Will the lack of a retractable butt-stock turn out to be a deal breaker? Stay tuned to the next addition to find out. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!

Bonus Image: Platz's Image Girl


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