Mami in Action #07

Mami in Action #07 - Standard Issue

Hello and welcome to another addition of Mami in Action! Today, we will be taking a closer look at a rifle that I am very sure many of you, fellow readers, would know very well, the M4A1. Popularized by its deployment in the US armed forces and movies, the M4A1 is a venerable workhorse of a carbine which has served faithfully for decades. Hence, it is about time we take a closer look at one of the most well-known rifle in the world.

Held casually, we immediately get a visual impression of the M4's length.

Despite that, the M4 is actually several inches shorter than the M16, the model it is derived from. Hence, the carbine designation.

The reduced length means it does not look awkward when held with one hand.

Platz' M4A1 comes with no accessories. Instead, it sports the standard issue carrying handle and iron sights for a very clean look.

The butt-stock is fully deployed and its length cannot be adjusted.

Surprisingly, posing with it is no issue whatsoever for Mami.

The carrying handle protrudes slightly from the top of the M4's receiver. Fortunately, it does not get in the way.

The slimmer barrel grips with no Picatinny rails, surprisingly, makes it easier for Mami to grip with her left hand.

The right hand grip is exactly the same as Tomytec's Little Armory firearms, weak.

As such, I would strongly recommend using adhesive such as double-sided tape to help secure the grip between the hands and rifle.

Unless, you enjoy having the rifle constantly fall off because of the almost non-existent grip strength.

Once more, despite its length, the butt-stock still tucks neatly between Mami's arms and her torso.

The straight barrel with its protruding iron sights and flash suppressor give the M4 a very mechanical look compared to the sea of decked-out tactical assault rifles out there.

Mami, always vigilant.

A closer look at the M4A1. Note that the magazine is non-removable.

Freeze! Hands in the air!

Maybe not?

Because of the svelte proportions of the M4, making various action poses are easy enough and still look right on Mami's small frame.

School Uniform + Guns = ?

Platz did a very good job detailing the M4A1 despite having a much lower asking price than Tomytec's!

Despite the lack of accessories, the standard M4 still looks extremely serious and menacing. It means business!

I may like Platz's M4A1 but, what does Mami think of it?

One final inspection and;

Mami approves!

I had a lot of apprehension going into Platz's M4A1 especially with its single-piece construction and lack of adjustments for the butt-stock. Surprisingly, things worked out just fine if not better than I had expected! What more, the carbine form factor combined with the standard issue layout makes for a (surprisingly) even more menacing look. Coupled with Mami's school uniform, it looks like she picked it off from a law enforcement agent and is now fending for herself!

All in all, I certainly enjoyed making this installment of Mami in Action. As always, stay tuned to Tiro Finale for all the latest Mami content and daily updates. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section below. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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