KonoSuba S2 Episode 9!

No Cecily! It seems I've made a mistake. Darn. It was just another random Axis cultist. I was sure that Cecily was involved but it seems my memory fails me.

This episode was pretty much like the previous one, which played on the gag surrounding the crazy axis cultist. Honestly, this never gets old.

Aqua is also especially cute this episode. What with all the adorable facial art, the animations and the voice acting, she steals the show. As she should, this is her arc after all. That last bit at the end, when she says how she's doing this for her followers, you know she actually loves them. She's not just some one-sided Goddess of Worship.

The episode was stretched quite a bit with most of it going to the idea of selling the Axis cultists' crazy persona. This town is also unique for having elven and dwarven races but they only showed a glimpse of that in the previous episode without actually touching on it. If I remember correctly, both races are known to be swindlers in this town. Or maybe just everyone is a swindler in their own right?

From the hot springs, two other seemingly unimportant characters were introduced too. The guy, well, you can tell that he's important with his recurrence throughout the episode. But the woman, we'll touch on that another time if any further seasons get released.

We're finally reaching towards the end! KonoSuba should be ending with the next episode which marks the end to Volume 4 and if you're keen on it, I made a whole spoilers discussion of the volume a long time ago.

It's honestly a little sad that the anime is ending so soon but hey, the light novels are always out there for you to read.

Today's bonus goes to Yunyun, who deserves all my sympathy. But if this smart set-up leads to a Season 3, I take it back! Actually no, poor Yunyun doesn't need to suffer like that.


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