KonoSuba S2 Episode 8!

I've gotta say, if Season 3 doesn't happen, Studio Deen is losing out on a LOT. I've seen their potential now through this episode and the last, and I believe that tackling a third season can only work in their favour.

This episode starts off where the previous one ended, with the party's attempt at solving the roadrunner problem. Going from reading about Darkness getting dragged by rope to watching Darkness getting dragged by rope is honestly quite fulfilling. The one part I remembered differently was that Kazuma lured the runners to a cliff where Megumin used Explosion. I didn't remember it being a cave but I could be wrong.

I also remembered the Aqua-zombie conundrum happening in a grassy area near a forest but it happens so often now that it really doesn't matter where they are. Aqua attracting the undead is a fundamental part of life for them.

Now, Arcanretia, it looks really nice. Smaller than what I imagined but with better set pieces. Sort of like a budget Altissia from FFXV. And yes, it is the home to the Axis cult and therefore, the number of weirdos there is definitely not exaggerated. It actually got quite creepy when they started following Kazuma and Darkness around. It reminded me of those incessant beggars/performers you see around touristic areas. Really creepy and definitely not something I think anyone is comfortable with.

I'd also like to say that they've hit a consistent mark with the art and animation. There were obviously some derpy shots but most of the episode was drawn and animated in a satisfying stylised way. You can't tell me that last bit with Kazuma and the little girl screaming at each other wasn't executed well.

Bonus mention goes to Yunyun this episode! For she is an unfortunate soul.



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